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Ben & Jerry's Milkshakes

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I did a search and didn't see this product mentioned. Has anyone tried the Ben & Jerry milkshakes? They come in 8 ounce bottles, sold in supermarkets. I needed some energy and just drank a Cherry Garcia. Delicious. Like melted ice cream.

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  1. I expected to hate it, but it was surprisingly creamy and rich. The flavor was pretty spot on, too...

    1. If you live in SF there is a store on Market just south of 2nd that is giving out free samples of the milkshakes till the 22nd of Sept. Just opened today.

      1. I just tried the Chocolate Fudge Brownie Shake for lunch. It's okay but I liked Cherry Garcia better. Still, at 340 calories a pop, these will not become a daily fix for me. But they are interesting.

        1. Gah! I'm working late and just drank a Chunky Monkey shake... It is so vile...tastes like it was made with real monkeys!!!

          That's the last of the three I bought.

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            Agreed. The chunky monkey was pretty awful. Tasted really metallic too.

          2. Thanks for the warning...I'll stick with Cherry Garcia.

            How did you know what monkeys taste like? ;-)

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            1. I got the free tastes in downtown San Francisco last week.

              The chocolate tasted like very sweet chocolate pudding that hadn't set yet, which makes sense since it's thickened with rice starch. More cocoa than chocolate flavor. Edible but why?

              The cherry and the banana (Monkey) were so bad I had to go get another portion of the chocolate to get the nasty taste out of my mouth. Amazing that natural flavors can taste as gross as artificial.

              I've never had anything of such low quality from Ben & Jerry's. I guess the partnership with Pepsi gave them the expertise necessary to produce crap.