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Sep 11, 2006 09:03 PM

where to go get good fresh chicken salad?

Hi - looking for a good deli or restaurant that serves fresh and delicious chicken salad. I don't go for the brown stuff that's been sitting out or awhile or if it has raisins. Downtown is better than mid-town.

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  1. Whole Foods UnionSq has a white meat chicken salad w/ large lean pieces: it's always been fresh, although is sometimes too mayonaissey for me (though probably still less so than at most delis)

    1. I love the chicken salad at St. Mark's Grocery (between 2nd and 3rd Aves, north side of street, open 24 hours). It's very lean shredded chicken - some celery, red onion, not too much mayo, fair amount of black pepper. Their egg salad is good too.

      1. eisenberg's on 5th ave @ 22nd, no contest.

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          Is eisenberg's big chunks of chicken or small shredded-like pieces (w/ a consistency more like tuna salad)?

        2. smaller pieces, though it's not particularly tuna salad-esque.

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            Thanks - I'm always looking for it by me too.
            As a side note, the best chicken salad I've found in the city is EAT on the upper east side... it's not the location you were looking for, but you should check it out if you're ever up there (its not cheap though).

            1. re: Squirrel

              eisenberg's chicken salad actually tastes like chicken, which i've found to be a bit of a rarity. the deli closest to my office makes their salad with big, beautiful chunks of chicken that have as much flavor as the paper wrapping the sandwich comes in.

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                I must reply, as I lived right next to EAT and was very disappointed with their insanely overpriced, superbland chicken salad. The chunks of chicken and celery were huge and flavorless, and I imagine they saved time on prep work by not chopping everything to bite size pieces (if you have to slice your chicken salad, itsn't it just chicken chunks in mayo?). I went to EAT more times than I would have liked because I lived across the street, but it was always way too mediocre for the $$$.

            2. Fairway has a phenomenal chicken salad. I'm not a huge fan of chicken salad, but Fairway's is not only palatable to me, but delicious as well.