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Sep 11, 2006 08:35 PM

Westwood/Brentwood area with children?

I'm having dinner with a friend and our dates are her adorable twin boys, 3 years old. I am hoping they are over their terrible twos, but in case they are not, where can I have a decent meal with them? She recommended BJ's and CPK so you know what I have to contend with. I'm open to any cuisine and the boys will eat anything (plastic trucks, marbles, etc.) Thanks.

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  1. Earth, Wind and Flour on Westwood Blvd. just north of Santa Monica Blvd. is a kid-friendly choice with decent pizza. Sawdust on the floor so the boys won't do too much damage. Spinach salad is loaded with goodies and if you just get their regular pizza with your choice of toppings, you should be fine. Stay away from any kind of specialty crust.

    1. A very kid-friendly place is Kay n' Dave's on the Santa Monica-Brentwood border (26th St. in S.M., a little south of San Vicente). I would guesstimate that more than half the tables before 8:00 p.m. are families with kids. Though the place won't win any culinary awards, the food is quite decent and relatively healthy (mostly Cal-Mex).

      You may also wish to consider their newest location (they have 3 total) -- on Pico, a few blocks east of Overland. It's a little fancier (they have a full bar), but it, too, is very kid-friendly. Here's their website:

      A few other kid-friendly options (food quality varies): Coral Tree Cafe on San Vicente in Brentwood (; any of the Persian restaurants on Westwood Blvd. or on Santa Monica Blvd. in West L.A.; Fresh Corn Grill on Westwood Blvd. (; some of the Italian places on Westwood Blvd. and one or two on San Vicente Blvd. in Brentwood.

      Have a good time!

      1. One of the Italian places on Westwood Blvd that I've successfully taken our two young daughters to (and by "successfully," I mean we haven't destroyed the place, been barred at the entrance on subsequent visits, or sent the server screaming out the back door) is Sprazzo, on Westwood, south of Wilshire at Rochester. Good pizza and pasta selections and pretty kid-friendly, given the predominantly senior crowd (or maybe we just all go a bit TOO early for dinner).

        1. Zankou Chicken -- Sepulveda just south of Santa Monica Blvd.

          Sunnin for kebobs or felafel on Westwood just north of SM Blvd, they tell me you can park in the Ross lower lot up WW.

          Lebanese/mid-Eastern places along Westwood Blvd -- Shamshiri, Sheherezad, others. In Westwood Village Damon and Pythias on Broxton across from the public parking structure that validates.

          1. I would third the suggestion of Kay n Dave's. Sunnin is so small - seating so tight - that I can't imagine having active kids there. (Also I would not park at the Ross, you can get meter parking if you go around the block from Sunnin).
            All of these places are better than marie calendars, which is where my in-laws suggest that we take the kids. sigh