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Sep 11, 2006 07:58 PM

chinese buffets

I know this is verging on blasphemy, but my boyfriend is craving a good old greasy Chinese buffet. Any ideas on where we could go to satisfy his craving? We're in Echo Park, so the closer the better.

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  1. My mother likes the same thing. *shudder*

    Not near Echo park but on Rodeo near La Brea in Los Angeles is a place called Panda Buffet.

    We went Friday night and I dined on steamed crab legs. A complete meal of sweet, not salty crab legs. All I could eat and I eat a lot!

    My mother said everything else there was delicious.

    1. There are good to very good Chinese buffets in the San Gabriel valley. In the very good category is West Coast Seafood, 1655 S. Azusa Ave. in Hacienda Heights. Actually, there are very few Chinese buffets in Los Angeles proper, i.e., 900-- zip code. Besides New Panda Buffet on La Brea there's Downtown Buffet in the Baldwin Hills mall. I like Downtown Buffet a little better than New Panda Buffet, but both are pretty decent.

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        i figured we'd end up in the sgv. thanks for the recs!

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          A little closer than West Coast Seafood, but not as good, are Super King, 10632 Lower Azusa Road in El Monte and Sea Star, 740 E. Valley Bl. in Alhambra (in that order of preference). I wouldn't particularly recommend any of the others (Gold Coast, Zen or International).

          1. re: Chandavkl

            Agree - stay away from Zen Buffet. Altho Sea Star has hot pot style, I was pleasantly surprised by how good some of the cooked dishes were.

            1. re: Chandavkl

              I have to rescind my recommendation of Super King Buffet. There appears to have been a recent change of ownership (as evidenced by current advertising and flyers under the moniker East Super King Buffet, despite the lack of name change on the building signage). They've dumbed down the menu and cut back the selection. When the best items on the table are the garlic fries and chocolate chip cookies, that doesn't say much for the Chinese food. While it's actually not bad, I'd rather go to either of the Crenshaw area buffets (Downtown Buffet, New Panda Buffet), Buffet City in West L.A., or QQ in Glendale for this type of quality and selection.

              1. re: Chandavkl

                Scratch Sea Star, too. It's closed for remodeling, to be re-opened as something with a name like Paradise Seafood.

          2. re: Chandavkl

            Chandavkl, doesn't West Coast Seafood have a second newer location?

            1. re: Norm Man

              Yes, it's at 15440 Beach Blvd. in Westminster. Aside from the floor plan it's completely identical to the Hacienda Heights location. Usually (except for the Tung Kee chain up north) when there are multiple branches of the same Chinese restaurant there are some variations in taste, menu etc. However the Westminster West Coast Seafood is a clone of the original location.

              1. re: Chandavkl

                Chandavkl, do you have the phone number for West Coast Seafood's Westminster location? Thanks in advance.

                I could not find this location in Yahoo Yellow Pages or MapQuest.

                1. re: Norm Man

                  714 897-2368. The manager is a very nice lady named Fandy, who was previously the manager at the Hacienda Heights location.

                2. re: Chandavkl

                  Been seeing some advertising on the Westminster location in the OC coupon ads over the last month or so, as it's been advertising the Grand Opening of the place.

                  Mon-Fri $9.99 lunch 11AM-3PM
                  Mon-Thu $14.99 dinner 5-9:30PM
                  $17.99 Fri dinner 5-10PM, all day Sat, Sun 11AM-10PM

            2. Close to you in Glendale and isn't that bad or greasy is
              QQ Buffet
              900 N Central Ave (just north of the 134 freeway)
              Glendale, CA 91203
              818 244 8887

              Lunch is pretty good Monday-Friday $6.99/person
              Dinner is $11.99/person
              Senior citizen discount is 10%

              Dinner they put out shell fish like spider crab legs and sometimes lobster prepared Chinese style. Lunch they always have chilled peel & eat shrimp and mussels.

              1. You can also try a Chinese cafeteria, like Kang Kang Food Court in Alhambra. It's not all you can eat, but for under $5 bucks you probably can get as much as you can eat from their hot-food counter.

                They also have made to order items from all over China and Taiwan. Chief among them is the pan-fried shanghainese juicy buns.

                Kang Kang Food Court
                27 E. Valley Blvd
                Alhambra, CA 91801
                (626) 308-3898

                more about it here:

                1. On Sunday, I tried the buffet at CBS Seafood in Chinatown - it's one door down from the restaurant. Maybe I was just really hungry but my food was delicious. I had eggplant and a broccoli/tofu dish with what seemed like the best fried rice I'd ever had. This was at 6pm and the food tasted very fresh. They had about a dozen options, including typical "American" Chinese food and more authentic items.

                  Best of all, rice plus 2 was just $3.60. Amazing!

                  Plus, they have great almond jello in the case nearby.