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Sep 11, 2006 07:51 PM

Best Mooncakes?

Hmm... mooncake season is here and I'm very confused as to which brand/bakery to go to. My husband and I favor small lotus mooncakes, no yolk and while there's always Sheng Kee (yum) which is our standby, we're wondering if there's any particular bakeries/brands local to the Bay Area that anyone recommends? (Not just for the lotus mooncakes but for any flavor, really.)

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  1. The Golden Gate Bakery is a good bet (but last year I waited for an hour in line - see Sept 10th for pix)

    1. You will not be able to get a answer to you question. For years we have discuss and now have agreed to disagree on who is the best. So you will need to try a few and you pick which is the best. See Wendy I can agree to disagree. But we do agree that you should buy local mooncakes not the ones from Aisa.

      In two weeks there will be a Mooncake street fair in the city to display this year selection of meooncakes. Sep 23th and 24th San Francisco Chinatown.

      Also there will be street fair in the San Jose area.

      1. I'm all for a mooncake taste test party. Only mooncakes with salty eggs allowed. Some of the big restaurants also make mooncakes sometimes. Years ago I used to get some from HK Flower Lounge. My mom told me not to get the ones at the asian supermarkets from asia because they aren't fresh. Local bakeries do make good ones. I would like opinions about bakeries that people prefer though.

        1. It's three years old, but there's no reason to believe that the Asian Week ranking (AA Bakery #1, Garden Bakery #2) would have changed.