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Sep 11, 2006 07:13 PM

pork-equivalent of Kobe beef?

I believe there is something of a "kobe pork" out there. Similar to kobe beef, the pig is raised under special conditions to create the best tasting pork.

What is it called and does anyone serve it in Toronto?

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  1. It is called Berkshire pork, but not sure where it is served. I know it is available from time to time at Cumbrae's.

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    1. re: Cheech5001

      I think that the poster may have had Kurobuta pork in mind. Kurobuta has several parallels with Kobe beef. In particular, Kurobuta pork is raised in a specific manner with massages, etc. in order to ensure the most flavourful pork possible. However, it should be noted that the pigs used to produce Kurobuta pork are in fact of the Berkshire breed, raised under specific conditions. Try Cumbrae's, or Oliffes, or perhaps one of the places at the St. Lawrence farmer's market.