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Sep 11, 2006 07:08 PM

hard rolls in PA?

Any place in PA that has real hard rolls? Poppy seeds, lightly crispy crust? We used to get these at the City Bakery in New Brunswick, NJ (I think, it's been a while). I can't find anything even similar anywhere in PA. We used to bring them home by the garbage bag load just so we'd have them for a little while to eat with chicken paprikash, etc.



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  1. if you are buying by the garbage bag load, 5 dozen or so, then it might just be worth a short drive to

    Del Buonos Bakery
    319 Black Horse Pike
    Haddon Heights, NJ 08035

    just about 5 minutes from the Walt Whitman Bridge, you will find the best hard rolls at an unbelievable bargain price of $1.75 a dozen. You may not always find poppy seed rolls, but they will usually have Kaiser, Torpedo (for making cheese steaks, hoagies), Club (great for sandwiches, the best roll at the bakery). Skip the bagels, they are "water bagels" and not very good. Crumb cake is great too.

    PS, while in the neighborhood, about 1/4 mile south, you will find P&S Ravioli, the fresh cheese ravioli are as good as it gets and better than the frozen version that is available in local supermarkets. Boil a pot of water and gently toss these pasta pillows into the pot, just after they start to float, they are done.

    1. Boy - I'm a Sarcones and Cacias fan, so I avoid Del Buonons at all costs....with the exception of the club roll which is perfect for parties. All the other rool - too darn soft in my opinion.

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        to each his own, but I would like to check out Sarcones and Cacias, where are these bakeries located? Are they making a Portuguese roll?

        PS, I just remembered, Del Buono's doesn't allow plastic bags in the bakery, they make the crust too soft.

      2. Sarcone's Bakery
        758 South 9th St (Italian Market)
        Phila, PA

        Cacia's Bakery
        1526 Ritner St
        Phila, PA

        Both obviously are Italian rolls. Enjoy.

        1. Try Pomona's in Biglerville on Route 234, Go around 10 AM on a saturday, They don't have hard rolls (yeah, I'm from Jersey too! ) but you'll like the bread selection. And go buy your Taylor Pork roll and live it up