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Canale in Atwater

Canale is the new restaurant in the Osteria Nonni space...

What's the deal? Anyone been?

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  1. Did Nonni shrivel up and float away or did they move to a new space?

    1. Nonni sold out to Canele, which is not open yet. It's owned by a former Lucques chef, I believe. I don't think Nonni is planning to reopen anywhere.

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        When I was driving past on Saturday night, Canele was open and had diners. Maybe a friends and family tryout?

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          Yes, this past weekend was the family and tryout gig.
          Should be open to the public either tomorrow or maybe even today, but definitely this week, assuming no 12th hour glitches. 323.666.7133 is the number, and Corina is the boss.

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            Carter, do you know if it's true that Corina worked at Lucques? Any feel for the price point? I hope they have a good menu and kitchen and do great, b/c I'm dying for a reliably good place east of Los Feliz that's not in Old Town Pasadena.

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              Corina herself told me she worked at Lucques, among other places. She also indicated that she wanted to retain the former Nonni customers, and even planned on keeping several menu items in deference to Nonni - which ones I don't know, but I am sure a menu is available by now if anyone cared to walk in, find out, and share with the rest of us. I can empathize with your need for reliability in that part of town, as Atwater and south Glendale are fairly bereft of modest dining options. Eventually, the former Rocca is supposed to be taking over the former Cinnabar location at 929 S. Brand in Glendale, yet have not heard peep one on that deal lately.

      2. Looked full last night...

        1. OK, based on the premature report of Chichen Itza over the weekend, I'm not goin' until someone actually sez "I ate there"!


          1. called and they said they officially open to the public this Friday evening

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              As I said, I'll go when someone, anyone, says they've actually eaten there...

            2. Does anyone know what the menu consists of?

              1. I walked into Canele this past weekend. It opens on Monday. The menu will change, but it seems to be Californian/Italian. You can see a couple pics here:


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                  Sounds great and a welcome addition to the hood. Thanks.

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                    So is it opening Mon 9/18 or Fri 9/15 ?

                  2. hi

                    went to opening night last night... here is a quick report:

                    on the plus side the food was really really good (having been a big fan of corina's catering i didnt expect anything less). we shared the calamari salad. It was marinated calamari with lime and chili. excellent. I had a roast pork with soft polenta and sauteed greens. my friend had the beef tenderloin... i think it was with mashed but not sure.... right now they only have water, sparkling water, wine, and champange to drink. (no ice tea, etc, which seemed to be a problem for some diners)

                    the portions are small (or small for americans). i personally did not mind, i prefer to get an appetizer and an entree and i couldnt even finish my entree. its small but rich.

                    it took a while to get our food but i was expecting that since it was the first real night that they were open.

                    service was great, friendly and helpful.

                    on the minus side it is terribly cramped. the tables are extremely close together (a corner was sticking into the back of my chair) and it is difficult to manuever. they should probably take out 2 tables in the back to relieve some of the stress (for both the patrons and the servers).

                    prices are high. appetizers were in the $10-12 range, entrees were in the $16-22. i think it might be a bit high for this neighborhood.

                    we overheard a lot of complaints about the portion size...one table had gotten several dishes to split and were disappointed when they came out. As i said, it didnt bother me personally, but i guess the wait staff should mention it for the first few weeks.

                    sorry so short...hope others give it a try

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                      Actually, the appetizers are $6-10. Entrees: $9-22. All the desserts are $6.

                    2. Yes, we also braved Canale opening night. It was full but not overcrowded. Service was rough but friendly and there are definitely kinks to be worked out (two people came for drinks order but no one brought us bread, no coffee.)

                      The menu is small but appealing, Three of us ate: 2 delicious starters : seared calimari and celery root salad. 3 delicious entress: roast pork loin over polenta and long cooked greens, Roast lamb and a grilled tomato over isreali (unspecified on menu) cous cous and a tasty shrimp "jambalya" basically spicy rice and shrimp. A yummy un-sweet strawberry shortcake with creme fraiche for dessert. All that and a bottle of red wine came to $116. Portions are smallish. But food is beautifully cooked and satisfying.

                      We had plenty of room at our table for four.

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                        we went last nite for dinner as well. i was really excited to try it, and also being the opening nite, i was expecting some bumps, but all in all, it left a little to be desired.

                        i had the farmers market salad, very small, and the celery root salad. one of the salads had so much raw garlic that it left me with a bad taste in my mouth for the rest of the nite.

                        i ordered the shrimp paella which i finished in a few bites. it almost felt like a tasting menu size. cmon, how expensive is rice? they also didnt have any bread the first weekend, b/c the waiter said they havent decided which one to choose. i thought this was kinda lame, but oh well, its opening weeked.

                        the space is very tight, with lots of kids. i would hate to be a waiter here, b/c some table seem totally inaccessible.

                        i really wanted to like this place, but not sure if i will be back for awhile. i dont think blair's has anything to worry abot right now.

                        they also serve wine out of tumblers which always kind of bugs me. they have three bottles on their wine list right now, i had a really good sablet, which i have had before, really yummy.

                        we didnt have dessert, b/c by that point, we were still hungry after having two apps and two entrees.

                        oh well.

                      2. We went Saturday night. Because it was only the 2nd night it's been open, I won't give a detailed review, but will make just a couple of observations and suggestions, in case anyone affiliated with the restaurant reads these posts.

                        Service: A work in progress. Our server (female, reddish-brown hair) was a little clueless and seemed to have not waited tables before. Likewise, the young busboy (leaning the whole body across the occupied table to clear things is not a good idea).

                        Bread: I understand that the restaurant may not yet have selected a supplier for bread. But until they do, they should probably consider a daily stop at Ralphs to pick up some La Brea Bakery bread or something . . .

                        Food: The menu is appealing. While the appetizers and salads reflect the long California summer, the enterees seem to have moved on a bit toward fall and winter. Certain dishes would benefit from a bit of balancing acidity to brighten the flavors.

                        Overall. Right now, they are closer to an Atwater Bistro Verdu than they are to Blairs, but lets see what a month or two does. Give Canele a chance and go try it.

                        1. Being a local, I've been excited about the opening of Canele..went with a friend on Sunday night around 6:30-ish..even though there were only a couple of tables seated and two large rooms, the hostess grudgingly offered me an awkward 2 top in the middle of the room. After negotiating with her for a different table we were finally seated after 10 minutes..which didn't really get the evening off on a great note. The menu isn't huge..7 or 8 'starters' and the same number of main courses. They didn't have any bread. We ordered an anchovy mini pizza thing, that was tasty, even though the anchovy paste was very thick, we also started with the grilled calamari salad, that was good, but since we were sharing, my friend and I each got 3 bites. Then we had a spaghetti with olive oil (which I think was a Nonni staple) we also had the red snapper, which was delish..with a buttery texture. The food was good, but the portions were super small, we both left hungry. Wine is served in tumblers and the pour was on the stingy side. I could see the often mentioned Corina, since it's an open kitchen set up, but she never came out to greet people..which would have been nice since they're trying to play up the 'local hang' of the place. I think I would go back to see if they've added more to the menu offerings..but Blair's is still #1.

                          1. My SO and I went Sunday night as well around 6:45. We were given a two top in the rear area that quickly filled up in the next 20 minutes. We were warmly greeted by the hostess and the server started us off with a verbal list of wines and beer. I ordered a rose and he ordered a beer called crooked elbow, i think.

                            We started with one salad, the heirloom tomatoes with basil, feta and onion. It came quickly and was placed in the middle of the table. It would have been nice to have been offered some small plates. The salad was on the small side, but tasted good. We instantly recognized that the feta was missing but before we had time to flag the waitress, a manager came over with a bowl of feta and apologized for the oversight. Nice, at least they were aware. Pretty good considering the staff has probably only seen these new dishes a few times.

                            SO had the paella with shrimp which was tasty but reminded me more of a jambalaya. I had the pork loin with long cooked greens (cavolo nero I think) and polenta.

                            We skipped dessert but overall enjoyed the food (if it was a bit on the small side).

                            On the way out we were offered a canele pastry by the hostess.

                            1 beer, 1 glass of wine, 1 salad and 2 mains came to 67 with tip.

                            PS: Nancy Silverton showed up about half way through our dinner and sat at the end of the counter/kitchen near the door. I heard they are still ISO a bread supplier, but maybe they are just pals?

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                                As I said we enjoyed the food, although portions were smallish. I liked my pork loin a lot, it was perfectly cooked. The salad was tasty and refreshing, but not mind blowing.

                                It's a nice place though. I wouldn't come here to have my socks knocked off, but rather a well done solid meal of good food.

                            1. fyi...not open mondays.

                              1. We went here last night and had a great time. I can appreciate some of the complaints, but I thought the food was great and I loved the upscale but still neighborhoody feel. I love the food at Blairs too, but its pricey and the atmosphere there is sometimes kind of stuffy and cold. Canale is a place I would go on a more regular basis.
                                As for what they don't have, its true that theres no coffee or bread yet(but so many of my frineds are trying to do no carb/no bread anyhow). I love that they serve Figi water- which is the best, and so few restaurants ever serve this! love that.
                                They also have those Izzy Fizzy Juices.
                                I had the gazpacho (something I wouldn't normally order, but was pleasantly surprised by)- more of a rich tomato puree with a cooked egg, than the watery chunky version you usually get. I also had the snapper, yum. And my date had the Niman Ranch filet, also really good.
                                All and all I think once they get the kinks worked out (have full coffe service etc.) it will be a nice addition to the neighborhood. We need more spots like this. Hope everyone gives it a chance.
                                Oh P.S. The cheescake is to die for.If you go -get this.

                                1. My husband and I went last Saturday night. We've lived down the street from Nonni for 3 years and Nonni was a big staple for us. We were so sad to see it change, but we looked forward to Canale. We were seated quickly on a Saturday night, which was a plus. There are 2 waiters left from Nonni and they welcomed us back with big smiles and "good to see yous". The glasses of wine at Nonni always came in the tumblers, I'm glad they kept that tradition.

                                  We started with the heirloom tomato-basil-feta salad. Yes, the portions are small, but it was fresh and tasty. I had the pork over polenta and long greens. It was cooked to perfection, the polenta was like butter, but the long greens were not to my liking. They tasted a bit too earthy, but maybe that's what long greens are. My hubby had the shrimp paella which he liked.
                                  So yes, the portions are small. But the room is inviting and warm, I love the renovation that highlights the hardwood.

                                  But we won't be able to go there very often, because the prices are on the high side for our neighborhood and comfort level. I appreciate that the folks at Canale are bringing finer dining to Atwater Village, but I miss Nonni, where we could get takeout for $35 that gave us leftovers for lunch and dinner the next day. We can't pay $80 for dinner for two every Saturday night!

                                  On another thread, where can I find good, moderately priced Italian takeout in the Atwater-Silver Lake-Glendale area???

                                  1. Good question. As our neighborhoods gentrify, some favorite restaurants seem to first gently paddle then full-on dive into the deep waters of high prices (e.g., Da Giannino). That’s a shame, because like you, we cannot consistently spend $80+ on a casual dinner.

                                    For Italian takeout and delivery in the ‘hood:
                                    The SO likes the prosciutto pizza from Michelangelo’s on W Silver Lake Dr, and while not a super-fave of mine, they do routinely meet my fix by making me an off-the-menu carbonara for $11. Their pizzas are personal-size, but pastas are plentiful and they also deliver.

                                    As many on this board knows, I like Pizza Buona on Sunset & Alvarado. They have some of the best pizza in town and the SO recently enjoyed the shrimp fettucine. They deliver to Silver Lake so maybe into Atwater.

                                    In the other direction, I stumbled upon Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizza on E Broadway in Glendale. A small franchise, they specialize in over-sized pizzas (up to 36”) but have a wide-ranging menu with pastas, salads, hot+cold sandwiches and I tried this dish (new to me) called a kachapouri. I guess it’s Russian/Armenian and often served for breakfast but for me it represented totally satisfying comfort food. It’s an oval disk of pizza dough topped with cheese and whatever you choose (I got ham and mushrooms) and finished with two sunny side up eggs. Yum, I want one right now.

                                    There’s also Louise’s on Los Feliz & Hillhurst but I wouldn’t recommend it unless in a pinch.

                                    1. We went Sunday, and I really don't know what everyone is talking about with the small portions complaint -- our portions were fine. Appetizers were normal size, the paella was maybe even just a bit more than could finish, and the desserts were very large.
                                      I'm also puzzled by people's comments about the prices. I really don't recall Nonni's prices being much cheaper than $8 or $9 for an appetizer, or $6 for desserts -- which is what we paid Sunday. Perhaps the mains at Canele are a couple dollars more, as I said I don't recall exactly. BUT when you look at the quality and taste of the ingredients -- there's no comparison. Gaspacho was very nice: a smooth version with sherry vinegar, with a quarter of an egg and julienned cucumbers for accent. Pissaladiere was good; I am a fan of herb salad, which came on the side. Shrimp paella got a positive review from my SO, whose only complaint was regarding a creme fraiche-dressed farmer's market salad with shallots (he said the flavor was excellent, he was just expecting a few other vegetables to pop up in the mix -- maybe if the description had just said "farmer's market greens" he would have been happier.) He was also a bit disappointed they did not have their machine yet for an after-dinner espresso, but he seemed to get over it when he tasted their chocolate almond cake.
                                      Overall, the menu at Canele was an interesting mix, prepared with care. I'm hoping the menu changes frequently according to the season.
                                      A final note, though, regarding service: their staff is a bit green. Very well meaning, friendly and attentive -- all of which goes a long way with me -- but they'll hopefully get polished a bit more now that they're up and running.

                                      1. rather than Louise's, i would prefer Farfalla down the street on hillhurst. very good pasta and pizza. 323.661.7365

                                        1. Are there any more recent reports on Canele? All the ones posted so far were from the very first month it opened, and I'm curious what people think now that they've had a chance to get some of the kinks worked out.

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                                            I've been there 5 times now, most recently this past Friday night. Even when it's crowded, I've always had good service and good food. My favorite dish (and I think the best dish on the menu) is the beef tenderloin, which is served with veggies and potatos anna. The portion sizes have increased since they first opened, and I feel that it's a very good value for the money. On Friday night, three of us shared the jamon serrano/date/almond/cheese appetizer, and I had the roasted half chicken with root vegetables. Chicken was perfectly cooked, and so much food I took half the chicken home. A friend had the trout and ate most of it -- I didn't have a taste, but I did try her side of cauliflower which was tasty as well. Another friend had the tenderloin and practically licked his plate clean. We shared two desserts (the chocolate cake and a ginger/date cake which was sort of like an "upscale" gingerbread, and which was fantastic). Between us, we also had two bottled beers, two glasses of wine and two coffees. Total was just about $50 per person, including tip. The quality and quanity of food compares very favorably to other restaurants in LA for the price.

                                            Other dishes I've liked on other visits include the celery root salad, the beet salad and a mussels special. The Beef Bourguinon is nice, too.

                                            Overall, it is a solid addition to the neighborhood. I don't want to make a bigger deal out of it than necessary, though, as it's more of a Blair's or Bistro Verdu neighborhood place than a "destination" restaurant. When those two restaurants opened, they got a lot of hoopla on this board followed by a lot of flack from people who travelled across town to try the next BIG thing and were disappointed. Like those two restaurants, Canele has settled into a very solid, good-valued neighborhood spot.

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                                              Very well summarized DanaB - love that celery root salad and the mussels when in season are terrific. Also had a lamb dish that was terrific. Their prices are less than many yet right in the middle of the market these days for a neighborhood restaurant putting out quality meals on an uppish scale.
                                              Not trying to compete with the chains, etc., etc.

                                              1. re: DanaB

                                                How busy is Canele on a Wednesday night around 7:-7:30? Will 3 people have to wait long for a table?
                                                I want to go there with two friends, one of whom is pregnant and can't stand too long.

                                                1. re: oro3030

                                                  Well, as it turns out, the last two times I went to Canele were Wed nights.
                                                  I went against my will the first of these two times because the first time I went it was a nightmare even though the food was very good.
                                                  Wed are not busy...I like that they have that big table at the window as a "communal" table because it makes it more neighborhoodie and you get to check out what others are eating. I am not too thrilled with the prices for certain things but I do love the asparagus over toasted bread with the poached egg on top and the amazing butter even though I wish the asparagus was was warm-they serve it cold which takes away from the perfectly warm and oozy poached egg and warm bread.
                                                  The food quality is always good...yes, that chicken is amazing...but why don't they bring bread plates-two weeks in a row-and the girl had the nerve to give me attitude because I used my menu as a bread plate...she glared at the pat of butter I put on my menu...whatever.
                                                  I'd much rather drive up to Bistro Verdu but Canele is so handy after teaching class down the block and my friends enjoy it. I do like theie wine list and the Prosecco they serve by the glass is a perfect refreshment after an hour of sweating your ass off. I will continue to go because of the food quality and those amazing little canele's you get when you leave...ah what I would do for one right now. Oh, and they do dress the salads perfectly.

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                                                    Wednesdays are an easy dinner arrangement. Weekends are more problematic.