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Sep 11, 2006 07:01 PM

girls on the town

Hi --

Am coming to town for a dual purpose outing: business, coupled with extended stay to "celebrate" a divorce. Staying at the Drake, and planning to see Wicked and a show at Second City. Need suggestions for pre-show dining both evenings, as well as post-show drinks/snacks/dessert. Flexible on price, though Alinea and Trotters were cut as too expensive, so it isn't a "price is no object" splurge.


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  1. Definitely Gibsons at Bellview and Rush for Dinner and drinks. Drinks: Tavern on Rush, the Hotel Bar at Hotel Sofitel and The Peninsula Hotel.

    1. Check out

      Many are within a 2-3 block walk of your hotel - click on the MapIt link.

      My favorite for dinner is Bitro Zinc and my favorite for lunch is LuxBar. Gibsons is right across the street and the Original Pancake House is next to LuxBar which is right next to Tavern. On a weekend, the corner of State & Rush is a lot of fun. If you like French/Vietnamese, from your hotel walk east on Oak and North on Rush and look for Le Colonial - inside and outside seating.

      Pre-Theatre dinner... Tratoria #10 is also near the theatre where you'll be seeing Wicked.

      Have fun in Chicago!

      1. Before Wicked - Atwood Cafe is close to the theater and has really good food. It's better than most of the other theater-crowd places, but the service is still timed to get you out before the curtain. Be sure to make a reservation, though.

        Before Second City:
        BOKA (Halsted and Willow) - is a short bus ride (on the North Ave. bus) or a cheap cab ride from Second City. It has excellent contemporary American food. When I was last there I had an excellent heirloom tomato salad and an out of this world peach dessert.

        Adobo Grill (Wells and North) is right next to Second City. Good Mexican food and very good margaritas.

        Old Jerusalem (Wells and Schiller) is really good, cheap Mediterranean food. I particularly like their tabouli.