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Sep 11, 2006 06:56 PM

Good Itailan Before a show in the Theater District

Going with a group of 4 to see Jersey Boys, one grandmother, so we don't want to venture far, but want good Italian, moderately priced. Any ideas?

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  1. If you had scrolled down just a bit, you would have seen that when another post just asked for a recommendation near the August Wilson (which is where "Jersey Boys" is playing), I suggested Roberto Passon.

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      Strongly second the Roberto Passon rec.

    2. Yup, Roberto Passon was very strong and they will get you out in time to see your show. The Osso Buco was the best I've ever had....braised perfectly, huge portions (almost too big but their prices are so reasonable its hard to complain) Wine list is good value but small, especially by the glass selections. Went there in December and the truffles were part of a few dishes and the values seemed really good for how much truffle you were served. Only knock on the place is that it seemed a bit crowded. But I'm used to dining in cities where space is not at such a premium so it get it.

      1. Becco. Lidia B. & son. Great pasta special - reasonable. If you can get in!