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Beer Braised Brisket

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What type of beer should I use? The recipe says no dark beers. Also, the recipe called for a 4 pound brisket and to cook it for 3 - 4 hours. I could only get a 2 pound brisket - does that mean I should cook it for half the time?

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  1. I have some Heinekens at home - could I use that?

    1. Sure, go for it! One shouldn't be afraid to experiment.

      I actually like a dark beer when I make beef/beer combos, weird.

      1. I definitely wouldn't use an american 'standard' beer--they're too sweet!

        1. My mom always used michelob.

          1. Try some hard cider. Makes yummy braising liquid.

            1. I asked this question about two weeks ago in Beer vs. Ale and got some really good answers. Sorry I don't know how to link (yet). Also, I think the brisket needs to be cooked 2-3 hours. Test at 2 hrs to see how it's going.

              1. Actually, I did a Braised Brisket with Beer recipe recently (from "Master Chefs Cook Kosher"), and it called for dark beer. Alas, I substituted round for the brisket; quite good.

                1. I marinade my brisket in whatever beer I might have at the moment and also consider whatever beer I might be serving. I don't think there are any hard fast rules. Some I know marinade in cola.

                  I also cook my brisket 1 hour per pound and then add 1 extra hour.

                  1. I dont' think your recipe is correct. You cannot cook a brisket three or four hours and the brisket be tender. You need to cook it or smoke it eight to 10 hours for that size. I use a Smokin Tex smoker for brisket of four to five pounds and smoke it 12 hours at 200 degrees.

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                      8-10 hours would be correct for smoking - but he's BRAISING the brisket, and 3-4 hours seems reasonable for that cooking method. Even with only a 2lb cut of meat, 3-4 hours shouldn't dry it out.