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Sep 11, 2006 06:28 PM

Henry's End - When, if ever, to get black bear?

So I'm very excited to take my first trip to Henry's End sometime between october and february this year when they are having their wild game festival. I'm especially curious to try the black bear, which is a meat I've never eaten. So I have two questions. Has anyone tried this there? Any reports?
Second, is there a specific time of year during which bear is best? On another thread, someone said that bear is best in spring because that's when they've been eating berries. Does that mean I should wait until then? The game festival only goes through february, which might not even count as spring. This trip is going to be a relatively big deal for me, so I'd like to try to get the most out of it. On the other hand, I'm also chomping at the bit to try this highly recommended restaurant.

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      1. Actually, its true, though I've never had it. Their website lists Black Bear with Juniper sauce and something they serve as part of thier Wild Game Festival.

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          1. I'd call first if you specifically want the bear & ask Mark if it's being served. As a regular for 20something years who eats from the game menu every year at least 6-8 times, I dont remember ever seeing it on the menu and I've never eaten it. If you arent singlemindedly focused on the bear, I recommend the elk chops and the turtle soup as the stars of the game menu.

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              Ditto all around. Steve is absoultely right. I've been there for the game menu at least twice a season for the past six or seven years and have never seen bear on the menu. He's also right about the elk chops and about calling Mark first if you're going only for the bear.

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