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Sep 11, 2006 06:27 PM

Le Jardin for anniversary dinner--any thoughts?

I've heard some disappointing things recently about Le Jardin and I'm hoping for some reassurance that our anniversary won't be a disaster. Would appreciate suggestions on what to order, where to sit or if I should book somewhere else on late notice. Thanks, all.

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  1. I've NEVER heard anything good about the place aside from the fact that it is in a nice building.

    1. You didn't mention when your anniversary is but if it is this week forget getting into anyplace decent. It's restaurant week. However, you have chosen a restaurant that never gets positive posts. Give it a try and please report back.

      1. If you really love your wife, you won't take her to Le Jardin for your anniversary.

        1. I can recommend Striped Bass for an anniversary dinner. Took my wife for our 20th in December and had a wonderful time. Staff made it special for us too. Good luck with Le Jardin....