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Sep 11, 2006 06:11 PM

Betelnut Pejiu Wu

Anyone, anyone?

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    1. The neighborhood's not my scene at all, but I like to go there when it's not crowded (ie lunch, early weeknights) for food and cocktails. Not going to bowl you over, but it's good for what it is.

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      1. re: Maya

        What's the neighborhood like? Also, your Luella rec sounds good. Thanks.

        1. re: FoodFanNYC

          Cow Hollow is pretty well-heeled and the restaurants and shops along Union Street reflect that. Though there are some places worth a trip--Capannina for one.

        1. re: AlleyCat

          Thanks. I think it just moved to the bottom of the list. No offense to anyone who likes the UES.

          Limon and Delfina sound good, as well as coco500.

          1. re: FoodFanNYC

            Delfina is great - just ate there on Sunday night. The Mission will be more your speed. I'm a former LES'er myself and feel like the Valencia Street corridor and the area around Delfina is as close as SF gets to the E. Village. Also, Lower Haight reminds me a bit of the LES, just for reference. Enjoy.

          2. re: AlleyCat

            Sorry, but demographics aside, Union St., Cow Hollow and the Marina are nothing like the UES, which is dominated by high rise condo towers and (for the most part) forgettable storefront eateries. The feel of Union St. is much closer tot he well heeled and boutique lined streets of parts of the upscale parts of the Village and Soho.

            While I think a trip to the Mission is well worth it to visit Delfina etc., Betelnut remains one of my favorite Pan-Asian restaurants and with the exception of Spice Market and (on a much smaller scale) Fatty Crab in NYC, it hasn't been duplicated or bettered elsewhere. If you doubt, then hit it for lunch and be sure to try the chile fried calamari, the steamed dumplings (ask for extra sambal on the side) and their riff on green papaya salad.

            1. re: DonnyMac

              Just had to reply, even though 1 month too late. I have lived both in the UES and I grew up in Cow Hollow. I was only speaking in terms of demographics, as it is apples and oranges to try to compare the density (buildings, etc.) of NY with the lower scale of SF. I think of both the Marina and UES as the landing pad of post-collegiate sorority and fraternity transplants of both cities.

          3. The original comment has been removed
            1. sorry - forgot to clarify that Cow Hollow and the Marina are, culturally speaking, one in the same.