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Sep 11, 2006 06:05 PM

Daisy May's - sides?

I made a reservation at Daisy May's for a couple weeks from now for a whole pork butt; aside from cole slaw, it comes with two sides. I chose yams and baked beans, but am curious if there are any awesome sides there I should not miss, and should switch to.

I think there will be a lot of pork left over. I'm pretty happy about that.

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  1. Baked beans for sure. I love the bourbon peaches and the rice. My husband likes the sweet potatoes, so I think you'll be fine!

    1. When I used to go there the creamed spinach was the best I ever had!

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      1. re: Midtown Jimmi

        I second the creamed spinach rec. It is excellent.

      2. Love the sweet potatoes and the sweet tea!!

        1. I thought the corn was really good when I went. I have to say though that I was very disappointed with the baked beans. First, they were a mixture of black, kidney, and one other bean. I prefer the classic Great Northern beans. Just a preference thing. Second, and this is what rsally disappointed me, was that there were no burnt ends in the beans at all!! I love burnt ends and got the beans specifically for that reason. They did have a good smoky flavor though, but no meat.

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          1. re: billyboy

            That's weird. They've always had burnt ends in them when I've had them, which is why I've enjoyed them so much. I haven't been there in a while, so maybe they've changed.

            1. re: nansue

              I've tried their baked beans 3 times. Last spring they were loaded with meat 2 times. A few weeks ago, they still had a great flavor, but no meat that I could see.

            1. re: serious

              The corn was weirdly good. I couldn't stop eating it (and I'm not that into corn!). And the sweet potatoes are awesome. (Didn't have room for cream spinach.)