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Sep 11, 2006 05:53 PM

Verna's Closing?

I heard that Verna's on Mass. Ave. in Cambridge is closing this Saturday. Is it both the cake decorating supply store AND the donut shop or just the supply store?

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  1. I was over there a week or two ago and Verna's the cake shop had a big "closing soon" sale sign up. Verna's the doughnut shop had no signs up at all. So hopefully it's just the cake store that's closing.

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      1. Please tell me there aren't any plans to close the donut shop though are there????

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        1. Ah man, another little hole in the wall bites the dust.

        2. The cake/candy supply store has closed. They are recommending that customers go to Eastern Bakers on Eastern Ave in Malden (just before rte 99 on the left if your heading east).

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            Aw man - I loved the cake decorating place: great advice, always had what I needed, and more. I've been to Eastern Bakers, once. Nasty artificial/commercial decos in half-closed bins with flies flying (duh!) around them. Lower tier commercial pastries. My pastry school friend and I went in to Eastern, looked at the stuff, sniffed the air, swatted the flies, and fled. Not even close to the boards and boxes and colors and professional cake pans that the old Verna's had. I'll miss them!

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