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Verna's Closing?

I heard that Verna's on Mass. Ave. in Cambridge is closing this Saturday. Is it both the cake decorating supply store AND the donut shop or just the supply store?

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  1. I was over there a week or two ago and Verna's the cake shop had a big "closing soon" sale sign up. Verna's the doughnut shop had no signs up at all. So hopefully it's just the cake store that's closing.

    1. Please tell me there aren't any plans to close the donut shop though are there????

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        Ah man, another little hole in the wall bites the dust.

      2. The cake/candy supply store has closed. They are recommending that customers go to Eastern Bakers on Eastern Ave in Malden (just before rte 99 on the left if your heading east).

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          Aw man - I loved the cake decorating place: great advice, always had what I needed, and more. I've been to Eastern Bakers, once. Nasty artificial/commercial decos in half-closed bins with flies flying (duh!) around them. Lower tier commercial pastries. My pastry school friend and I went in to Eastern, looked at the stuff, sniffed the air, swatted the flies, and fled. Not even close to the boards and boxes and colors and professional cake pans that the old Verna's had. I'll miss them!

        2. Very sad about Verna's. They will be closing at the end of December from what I hear. They just couldn't compete with the big boys, which is really sad.

          It's interesting that another news story that came just after this one today was the fact that Dunkin' Donuts may be expanding their outsourcing in the near future; that is, the outlets won't actually be making anything--they will be getting the food from an outside plant that makes much or all of the food.

          Tim's, Verna's, Quiet Man Pub, Zeppy's, etc.....I wonder what the Boston food/dining scene will look like in 5 years? So many of Boston's institutions are closing their doors these days...

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            Actually, from what I hear Zeppy's is still selling wholesale, they've just shut down their retail outlet. So you can still get their bagels etc at places like the S&S in Cambridge.

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              Yes, I heard that from a few people, which is good news for me, since I do like their bagels. I do miss going to their takeout shop in Randolph on Sunday mornings, though...

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              The Boston dining scene will be fine... while I hate to see venerable places like Verna's go (epecially when corporate/chains are part of the pressure), new places that are small, family run and chowhoundish open every day and become the places that will be considered "classics" a couple decades from now... it's the inevitable cycle...

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                I don't think that's true at all. Esp. with something like donut shops. Who the heck is gonna open a donut shop in 2007? There will be other "classics" but the little corner coffee shop or bakery or diner is not the same as a cafe or Starbucks or whatever else will go in that space.

            3. A story in today's Globe confirms that the donut shop will be closing at month's end.

              1. There used to be a little donut shop on Medford Street in Arlington Center. Anyone know if it's still there? If so,it might be what you're looking for for the donuts.

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                  Yeah, i think you're talking about Gail Anns. Still there, still good, but the donuts were a bit better at Verna's. :( Very sad and I wonder what will go in there...somehow I doubt an independent foodery will be able to survive the escalating rents on Mass Ave./Cambridge...sigh

                2. For those of you who want to have one last doughnut from Verna's, I advise getting there early. My husband and I went last Friday and learned that the hordes have been descending en masse since news of the closing got out. Apparently you have to get there by 7:30 a.m. for a full selection. We were there around 9:15 and there were just a few flavors to choose from.

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                    Good News!! Andy (baker/owner) is retiring but Verna's may not be. The shop will be open for another two weeks while they are in negotiations with a possible new owner!! They will keep everyone posted!

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                      This is potentially great news! I hope they can remain open. Fingers are crossed! Thanks for letting us know about this...

                      Happy New Year, everybody!

                  2. The Cambridge Chronicle says the deal is done. Verna's will remain open. Full story here:

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                      Great news. After hearing about Cafe Apollonia closing yesterday I needed a bit of good news to pick my spirits up. Thanks!

                    2. WONDERFUL NEWS!! Verna's will stay open under new ownership!! It's very exciting to see that someone will keep the tradition going - while adding some fresh new ideas to make it his own!! Best of luck to everyone!!