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Sep 11, 2006 05:53 PM

Maryland crabs in los angeles area

What are the best restaurants in Los Angeles that have them?

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  1. Are you looking specificaly for crab cakes made out of blue crab (which is what they use in Maryland?) At Hal's on Abbott Kinney, they have a nice crab cake appetizer, but it may be made with Dungeness crab (which is more common in California.) True Marylanders swear by blue crab, but I like them both.

    1. I don't know about restaurants but they always have them "live" at Asian markets like 99 Ranch Market.
      Used to be restaurant in W.LA that was called Maryland Crab and that was their specialty...think they're long gone.

      1. The Boiling Crab
        14241 Euclid St #C-116
        Garden Grove, CA 92843
        M-F 3-10PM
        Sat-Sun 12-10PM

        Look for old posts. This is your best vet but always call first. They always have other crabs but sometimes not blues.

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          hershey, are all the crabs at the boiling crab cooked with piecess of sausage in the big ol plastic bag or do they do it without too? thanks.

          does this joint also serve the boiled crawdads?

        2. Redondo pier had them alive and well a week ago. I wasn't as into them as the santa barbara crab I had too, but I guess that's a matter of taste.

          1. I second Quality Seafood at the Redondo Pier. As a former faux Baltimoron married to a tried-and-true Baltimoron, we've had much luck there. Last time, we literally stumbled upon them, they were alive and kickin, and some were quite big. We bought a few dozen, brought 'em home to the 'Dena, got some beer and water a berlin', put in a layer of kicky crabs, shaked em down with Old Bay; nother layer, more old Bay; nother layer, more Old Bay. Bright red, covered in caked-on spices, we turned em out onto some paper, cracked open a coupla beers, and pure heaven.

            As close to bein downair on da ocean as we could get.