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Sep 11, 2006 04:47 PM

Alain Soliveres Taillevent?

Has anyone had any dining experience with Taillevent under Alain Soliveres? I've read only spectacular reviews on other sites, but all I see on Chowhound is that the food is very good, but better elsewhere, such as Alain Ducasse or Pierre Gagniere.

Also, note the touching ps. that Taillevent sent below with my reservation confirmation. Élégance.

"PS : On this very special day, I want to convey my friendship to you and to your compatriots, hoping the tragic events of September 11, 2001 will never happen again anywhere in the world and specially in United States of America ."

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  1. I thought it was OK, but his preparations were a little conservative when I went last winter. See my review.

    As for the PS, I think Vrinat grew up in a post-War France where the French appreciated Americans more.

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      That may be part of it but, he is a lovely man--a true gentleman and he does know how to run a restaurant even if it is a little old fashioned. From viewing the current menus, I think the food is changing and I am going to check it out on my next trip, whenever that will be. I really want to try out that frogs leg dish.

      One thing I am confident of is that you will never have a bad experience at Taillevant.

    2. In term of overall experience, Taillevent is still one of the best in Paris...the warm welcome, wonderful service, comfortable dining room, great wine list with more than fair markup, the sensibly priced tasting menu. My last two meals there, last on 2004, I found the food to be more correct than inspired. Part of it was probably dued to it's conservatism and the other was that the sourcing of material was good but not top-notch. The langoustine was fine but not as sweet and delicate as some I've had and the quality of the lamb was good but nothing special. The link below is my earlier post under PB.

      1. As long as M. Vrinat continues his tradition of detailed, hands on management you will never have to worry about spendingyour money at Taillevent. I have dined there under Legendre, Del Burgo, and now Soliveres and under m. Vrinat's management everything has been seamless. If you are looking for envelope pushing, go to Gagnaire, but if you want excellent traditional Taillevent reigns supreme, as it has since Pudlowski wore diapers.

        1. I agree with all that has been said above. We had our first meal at Taillevant last week. We had hoped to find them still offering a 70 euro menu, but even at twice that, we felt we had been well served by our choice. Everything--from food to decor--is modernly traditional and perfectly correct. Lovely. But the service is beyond compare. Perfect and totally, totally unpretentious. A truly class act continues.

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            I have never had service at the level of Taillevant. It is there but never intrusive. You barely move your head or eyes and help arrives and they never seem to come when you don't want them. But it is never stiff or uncomfortable. I know this is one big reason Taillevant clients are very loyal. I wish others could learn how to run a restaurant up to M. Vrnat's standards--not only that, he is a lovely gentleman.

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              Is there no longer a "bargain" lunch menu there? Is it all a la carte? I am asking bacause I am thinking about a solo meal there next month.....

            2. I can only tell you that there was no 70 euro menu offered on the weekday that we were there for lunch. I did not enquire about whether they ever have it any longer. The 140 euro menu was the least expensive offered. There was another at a higher price which I do not recall and, of course, the ala carte where judicious selection of say only two courses, could keep the price down but would not afford the full exposure to the range of what this restaurant offers. If the 70 euro menu is your limit, it would be well worth it to call to see if and when it is on offer and to build your itinerary around the meal.