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Sep 11, 2006 04:40 PM

Tasty food at last - Literati II

Having eaten at a string of restaurants during the past two weeks from SM to Monterey Park and having had motley experiences with most of them such as Il Fornaio, I Cugini amongst them - I hungered for tasty food. I have now closed out my birthday dinners - which is a good record for collecting since my b'day was in July and last night my choice was Literati II. Not a full house but always a warm welcome from the parking lot attendant to the host person. Food was really excellent - artichoke with a mustardy egg dipping sauce was fought over by all three - friend and Mme ZoeZ. Caesar salad is never a strong suit here and will skip it next time. Tomato bread soup was good flavor but too bready however all the entrees were lip smacking. I had the special of slices of lamb - three huge slices done medum rare with a mint pesto dressing, eggplant and potatoes; friend had the roast chicken - huge portion but I thought the frites could have been warmer (like served in a napkin, its depressing to eat cold fries), Mme.Z had penne with lamb ragu and feta and she ate every last lipsmacking bite and vows to make it at home this week it was that good. Skipped the dessert and the pleadings of the wait person to buy a $92 bottle of wine (we all had a cocktail to start). Nice if spotty service (had to wait for our drinks) but a relaxed Sunday evening atmosphere. I like this place AND and I like the food.

Literati II
corner of Bundy and Wilshire

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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I too enjoyed the Literati II food last night at the Savor the Season benefit for Break the Cycle where chef Chris Kidder and his assistant provided a very nice slice of beef resting atop a puddle of corn topped by chopped figs - really good. Ultimately did not taste the dessert creation he brought.
    His staff is obviously well-trained to take over when the top gun is elsewhere, which is always a good sign.

    1. what's the savor the season benefit, was this the event that sort of clogged up san vicented in brentwood yesterday?

      what other eats were there?

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        It was a benefit at the Palladium in Hollywood, and Josie, Max/Oinkster, Cafe Del Rey, Grace, Geoffrey's, Crustacean, Literati II, Violet, the new restaurant in the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica whose kitchen will be under the auspices of Rodelio Aglibot, x-Yi Cuisine and Koi, as well as La Brea Bakery and the new winery Lioca which provided a fully non-oaked Chardonnay. That was good chard.

      2. What is the price range on entrees? Their website is currently under construction and a search yielded scattered information. I'm trying to find a good, mid-price place to take my MIL while I'm visiting West LA next month. The style of food sounds right but I just want to make sure this is not another LA resto with entrees between $25 and $35.


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        1. re: Morton the Mousse

          Here is a link to the photos of the menu that were taken by Perceptor some time in May.

          1. re: Morton the Mousse

            Penne dish was $17.95, chicken was $19.95 and I don't know what the lamb was because I did see the itemized bill which was $180 for three and included caesar salad, an artichoke, a stoli, and two glasses of wine. Burger is $14.95 and is jumbo size. All portions are large - I just ate the slice and a half of the lamb I brought home, for lunch today. Devil Chow and his Missus ate the chicken leg and wing, thank you very much.

          2. morton, i think the entrees top out at about 28 or so.

            the burger is 14 or 15 cooked over pecan wooe i think, and for what it's worth the chef here is an alum of zuni cafe, so the burger is a little zuni-like from what i hear.