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Any good flavored marshmallow recipes?

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  1. I love the marshmallows on Epi - and so does everyone who tries them! I follow it exactly.

    1. Food TV's Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa, has a recipe that people rave over.

      1. Also, there's a great thread on egullet.org (http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?s... ) that has lots of marshmallow recipes.

        1. The epicurious.com recipe looks good, but i would make it without the cornstarch, commercial people use that so they won't stick in storage... but they won't stay uneaten long enough to stick. I love throwing some coconut flavoring in the mix and tossing them with toasted coconut, skipping the sugar all together. It looks like that's what Ina's recipe is too.

          1. I saw recipes for marshamallows in Lisa Yochelson's book, "Chocolate Chocolate." Haven't tried her recipe yet.

            I've made the recipe from Helen Witty's "Better than Storebought." Good, if you like marshmallows. Making your own is better than paying $40 a pound for the gourment kind they hawk at places like Williams Sonoma around Christmastime.

            1. side note...I never seemed to get the appeal of homemade marshmellows...until I was served chocolate fondue using homemade marshmellows as dippers. NOW IT GET IT.