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Sep 11, 2006 04:30 PM

Seeking Recommendations for Kennebunkport area

I will be staying in the Kennebunkport area next week and am seeking recommendations for good places for dinner. Casual atmosphere (not "fine dining"), reasonable prices. Also, a good place for lobster. Thanks.

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  1. Federal Jacks has good casual fare, chowder, and beer.

    Nunan's lobster hut is great for lobster but call first about hours given it's after labor day

    the Maine Diner in Wells (just up from corner of Rtes 9 and 1, 4 miles from K'port is a great place to eat always.

    go to the Arundel Wharf for cheap eats/drinks and meet the locals.

    1. If you really want to treat yourself (a bit on the expensive side) try Joshua's in Wells. They use fresh, local ingredients and the cocktails are wonderful. The lobster pie is wonderful.

      I second Federal Jacks as well, probably just what you're looking for - we visit the area yearly from California and it's my husband's favorite.

      1. Had lunch at Hurricane last week and it was very good, as well as Allisons, but people are raving about The Clam Shack.

        1. I agree with Irwin on this one. Allisons is a good spot to try.for a lite lunch, moderatly priced and usually very good.