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Sep 11, 2006 04:20 PM

sniff, sniff, nevermind---Mongolica gone into the night....

Back in early June, I posted about a great Mongolian restaurant that had opened on Beverly between Normandie and Vermont in K-town. I think it was the first Mongolian restaurant I had ever seen anywhere. The food was very tasty with clear influences of Chinese, Russian and Middle Eastern cooking. This was NOT hotpot nor barbque but rice, noodles, salads and yummy stews. We got back once, did take out salad to a friends' potluck and sent a number of people there. Everyone who went seemed to enjoy it.

Alas, this past Friday the family headed out to Mongolica looking forward to the dumplings, the lamb fried rice and the carrot salad only to find that they had closed! A new place [serving pub food?] was already putting up a sign. I would guess that they vanished at the end of August. My suspicion is that they were under capitalized like most little restaurants and just didn't get enough business. All in all, I suspect they were open about 4 months. We went to Atlachatl [sp] and consoled ourselves with pupusas, fried yucca and some horchata but it wasn't the same.

So let this be a lesson to all of us:
Is there a small restaurant jewel in your neighborhood thats just opened up?
Is it manned by undercapitalized entrepreneurs?
Do you want it to stay open so you can satisfy your wacky cravings?

PUBLICIZE IT!! yell about it, make your friends go, send someone every week and go often yourselves.

Or one day, you too, may find it has vanished into the dark and you are left without a source of Mongolian food or whatever it is you are craving.

sniffle, sniffle. If anyone should run across a REAL Mongolian restaurant in LA, do post. . . .

The original post is here in case you want to know what you missed:

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  1. Actually, I went by Mongolica just a couple of weeks after your post and it was already closed--the sign was still up but the door was locked. I too tried again this past Friday and saw it was gone, though less surprised than you since locked restaurants at lunchtime are often a bad sign.

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      Hmm, I was pretty sure they will still open in July as we had friends who went there and we also did take out for a pot luck.

      I suspect part of the problem was that it seemed to be a young couple operating the restaurant with no help and they were open really late ---like midnight or two am. The guy seemed to do the cooking while she ran the bar, served and took care of customers. Hard to wake up early and hit the kitchen when you didn't get home until way past midnight. Unfortunately, if you don't wake up and hit the kitchen early, you miss the lunch crowd which I can see would be essential in getting yourself established.

    2. I know! I tried to go just a few weeks after your delicious-sounding post and it was closed. Now it's called Steak Pub or something like that.