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Sep 11, 2006 04:18 PM

Anyone been to Elizabeths lately?

We haven't been to N.O. for several years but have read good reviews for Elizabeths in Bywater. I've read that it is open again. Do they still have the praline bacon? (I've got a sweet tooth) Also, is it safe to walk there from the quarter? Thanks in advance...


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  1. My wife and I ate breakfast there back in April of this year.
    The place was packed and the food was very good. Didn't have the praline bacon, however.
    At the time that we were there, it was owned and run by the same owners of The Lions Inn Bed and Breakfast. I believe they have since sold it.
    We got a ride there but we walked back to the Quarter and didn't have a problem; however, it was a Sunday morning.

    1. The french toast is amazing, and incredible portions. Other entrees are tasty, but small portions for the price. I'd say breakfast would make for a pretty safe time to walk.

      1. Thanks to both of you for your comments. We'll be sure to go there when we visit.


        1. We live in Bywater. Our last visit to Elizabeth's was for Saturday brunch. My daughter loved the bacon and fresh fruit salad. I ordered the Louisiana strawberry French toast. It was packed with cream cheese, sprinkled liberally with powdered sugar...sooo decadent & rich. I made two meals out of it.

          Walking would be find during the day. I will be honest and say that there have been a few bar robberies in the Bywater/Marigny area lately, but they are believed to be related and have taken place at night.

          1. we went for friday breakfast, and the entire place was empty. hopefully the weekend brunch crowd makes up for it. we ordered the po boy and basic breakfast. huge portions, good coffee, and praline bacon was amazing.

            we walked to and from elizabeth's, and with the exception of NOCCA and dr. bob's art yard, decatur/chartres isn't that scenic; in fact, chartres was downright hot at 8 am in the morning! :) if you want to, head along dauphine--more houses and stuff to look at.