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DC Restaurant Blogs

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I can't seem to find any good, regularly-updated DC restaurant blogs, besides chowhound obviously. Can anyone help?

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  1. I am not sure if this counts as a blog, but it is semi-regularly updated.


          1. Anyone know of Baltimore area food blogs?

            1. DCist is a general DC blog, but they have a few writers dedicated specifically to food. They have some good articles on area restaurants and also home cooking.


              1. Try eatthedistrict.com

                1. I'm on the planning committee for DC Food Blogger Happy Hours ((https://www.facebook.com/d.c.foodblog...), so I know a lot of good bloggers. Here are a few recommendations (although I'm not sure what kind of food blogs interest you):

                  Dining in DC (Lisa Shapiro): http://diningindc.net/

                  Afroculinaria (Michael Twitty) is awesome but kind of specific (African American/Jewish): http://afroculinaria.com/. He had a great article about Paula Deen when that mess began.

                  Little Lady Cook: http://www.cocinerita.com/ is Latin influenced. (JC Gibbs is Panamanian.


                  Eat A Sandwich (Sandwich Jack): http://eatasandwich.co/

                  Girl Meets Food (Mary Kong): http://girlmeetsfood.com/

                  My website (dcfud.com) was mentioned already in his post (twice, although one of the web addresses (the smorgasblog address) was outdated).


                  1. Excellent web site with many restaurant professionals participating:


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                      Highly recommended as "read-only." Too many people, including myself, have been turned off by the nasty attacks on those who say something critical about one of the crowd favorites. However, it is otherwise full of very knowledgeable people who apparently eat out pretty much all the time, so it is a huge body of reliable information.

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                        Yes, somewhat like this place. 8<D

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                        Agree, it's a great site.

                        They even have a blog resource section:


                      3. I am a food blogger and on the planning committee for DC Food Blogger Happy Hours (a facebook group) -- I am hosting the July 2nd DCFB Happy Hour (if you want to meet some bloggers). Info here (on my blog): http://www.dcfud.com/2014/06/09/the-n....

                        I can make some recommendations for restaurant (as opposed to recipe) blogs:

                        http://runinout.com/ (Image and specific restaurant dish based
                        http://www.thebottomlessmimosa.com/ (Brunch and drinks