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Restaurant at La Jolla Cove?

My brother's getting married at the cove in January. Any recommendations for places to eat the night of the wedding? It's a small party (18 of us), ranging in age from 23 to 77, so trendy bars probably wouldn't be appreciated by the grandparents.

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  1. Marine Room. It's close and has a beautiful view, and the menu has broad age appeal. It's also quiet and elegant.


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        I've been to Azul a few times and absolutely love the service, ambiance, and view overlooking La Jolla cove....it was a romantic evening. However, the surrounding restaurants are also very good...is Top O' the Cove still around? They also had excellent service.

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          Top o' the Cove closed just this last year.

      2. Do you want it to be within walking distance of the cove? If so you should know that the Marine Room is down on the Shores side of La Jolla. Not far away, but you would have to get in a car. It's also quite expensive - entrees in the $30+ range.

        Azul has a lovely view, but it's owned by the Brigantine - a local chain of mediocre overpriced restaurants (imo.) You might want to look into Trattoria Acqua or the Brockton Villa. I have eaten at Trattoria Acqua a few times and it's always ok but not knock your socks off fabulous or anything. I have never had dinner at the Brockton Villa, but it is cute and charming (an old house)and they might do a special menu or something for you. They have a lovely fireplace in their dining room paved with abalone shells.

        If you are also looking at places to stay, you might want to try the Valencia or the Colonial - both have decent restaurants and could put together a catered menu for you. 910 at the Colonial is especially good. You might also look into Jack's La Jolla - on Girard in the main part of town. They have a more casual restaurant and a fine dining side in the same building, and a rooftop bar. The food is excellent, but there's not much view from the restaurants and the atmosphere is a little "hectic." Another good place I always forget about is Sante, up in the village. We had dinner there on xmas eve a couple of years ago and it was fantastic.

        Good luck, it sounds like fun! (The Cove was my first choice of a place for a wedding - but then my husband and I eloped!)


        1. I would skip Brockton Villa--the food is average and very hit or miss. Plus, they are known for breakfast, not dinner and the breakfast food is hit or miss.

          Jack's has 3 levels w/ menus to match. We only ate at the bar and were impressed by the food, although it was a very noisy and lively bar. The formal dining room "might" have a different atmosphere.

          Nine-Ten is good, George's on the Cove (downstairs dining only) is very good (quieter, elegant atmosphere. plus they have private dining rooms for larger parties).

          Marine Room would suit the grandparents just fine.

          Roppongi's has a private room as well. Although it verges on trendy, the private room is on the opposite side of the restaraunt from the bar and theoretically less prone to noise.

          Fresh might be another option, although I haven't been since they sold it and changed the menu.

          If you want to go all out for excellent French and elegant setting, Tapenade is excellent (and expensive).

          Piatti's in La Jolla Shores (means driving and parking again) has good, moderately priced Italian trattoria food.

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            I would definitely second Nine-Ten, as well as Piatti's. And speaking of Piatti's, just across the street is Barbarella's, which is also very good.

          2. The Sky Room at the La Valencia is a great old school spot, which would be especially good for your older guests. Traditional formal service in a room that seats about 30 diners.

            It's located on the top floor of the hotel. The food is credible, and the ambiance is wonderful.

            1. I'll give 9-10 a nod. One place often over looked in the area is Manhattan's. Old school Italian, understated elegance and top notch food (Filet Oscar, Cannelloni).

              1. George's at the Cove (the downstairs dining room *not* the upstairs terrace) is great. Cafe 9-10 - food is great but the service is mediocre IMHO - also might be a bit noisy for grandparents.

                If you can consider Del Mar - my top pick would be A.R. Valentien at the Lodge at Torrey Pines. The ambience, food, & service all are great. http://www.lodgetorreypines.com/

                1. Thank you all soooo much for your help. I will pass this onto my brother and his fiance.

                  1. What about The Top of the Cove - food is pricey but good

                    1. AR Valentien is in La Jolla, not Del Mar. It's just not in the part of La Jolla that is the "village" section. Food and service are outstanding and quiet enough for the grandparents.

                      1. I also recommend Sante. It is a really nice place with a garden area, the service is impeccable, and the food is EXCELLENT.


                        Also in La Jolla is Manhattan. Located in the Empress Hotel on Fay Ave. Also Italian and also great service and food. I went there once on a date and the waiter sang for us in Italian and he was really good.


                        1. I would recommend the restaurant at Torrey Pines Lodge as well.

                          La Jolla Cove is beautiful....Congratulations!

                          1. Another vote for Nine-Ten. The food and atmosphere are wonderful. Plus it is located in The Grande Colonial Hotel, a lovely hotel for wedding guests to stay.

                            1. I would suggest Clays.On top of the ...agh I always forget it.. the hotel just as you enter into La Jolla.. They have a great side dining room for larger parties,the view is terrific and the food is very good.

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                                The AZUL has a glass enclosed private dining room, which is part of the main Dining room, that would be perfect for a private party of 18 or so. One large table to seat everyone. Very classy and private without being isolated.
                                It would be wise to look up the Website, rather then running around all the LaJolla suggestions to pick one. Certainly, a dinner there beforehand would help to make a decision.
                                There is nothing mediocre about the food at the AZU and not to be confused with the many local Brigatine spots.