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Sep 11, 2006 03:48 PM

sorrentino olives

my buddy was recently in italy and as a non-olive lover, fell in love with these "sweet" green olives. she was told it would be difficult to procure them here, but i assured her my fellow chowhounds would solve the case. if anyone know an importer or is an olive afficienado with knowlege of something very similar please let me know.
thanks! cheflauren

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  1. I never remember what they are called exactly but it sounds like the giant bright green olives that taste like delicous bites of olive oil with out bitterness or vinegar.

    You can get them from various sources like dean and deluca
    but the cheapest place I have found is at the
    3rd avenue cheese store between 9th and 10th

    in the deli case right next to the cheese counter

    I think they are called Guillano olives but not sure...

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      Cerignola olives are big and bright green....not sure of exact spelling. Easy to find at "gourmet" shops and DiPalo's.

    2. Wow we just got some of these amazing olives at Teitel Brothers on Arthur Ave in the Bronx. They have fantastic cheese there too.
      2372 Arthur Ave.
      Bronx, 10458
      Telephone: (718) 733-9400

      1. there are these sweetish green olives that are called dolci olives in rome - the closest i have found here is in the big indoor market on arthur avenue at mike's deli. they are sold across from the big main counter filled with cheeses and meats etc......kind of at a little stand. a friend told me that they have something similar at the above mentioned 3rd avenue cheese store but i haven't checked it out yet. all i know is - these are fantastic. i do like cerignola olives as well, quite tasty and not overwhelming but these are a bit plumper and tastier.

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          Hmm, I far prefer cerignola olives over the rounder, smaller ones (whose name I don't know) they sell at Mike's deli on Arthur Ave. Cerignolas, at their best, are fruity and young tasting, fragrant and light. You can find so-so ones just about anywhere--the produce place at Chelsea market, Sahadi's, Fairway, Teitel Bros.

          In case you're in NJ, check out Somerset Farms, on Rt 22 E in/near Plainfield. It's a produce market with sawdust covered floors with great Italian specialty items. Everything is very reasonably priced (though alas, no longer dirt cheap). They have the best cerginola olives I've ever tasted.

        2. Ceriello's in Grand Central Market has nice Cerignolas.

          1. if they're bright green, with a buttery texture, and taste like juicy bites of olive oil, then i bet they're castelvetrano olives. while in nyc, i spent months trying to track them down. dean and deluca (at least the one in soho, on broadway) carries them.