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Sep 11, 2006 03:42 PM

Is the anything GOOD in Fort Myers!!??

I have just about given up. Cru is good but I have had some poor service from time to time and the food is also hit or miss. I like Harolds on the Bay. The Veranda is so dated its sad. The food tastes like nothing different then I would find at any basic hotel restaurant. The menu and the place its self needs a whole renovation. There is a seafood place in the Bell Tower Mall (the name escapes me right now) which I find to be just awful. I go for the oysters and fried artichokes and thats about it. I do like the sushi at Origami but service seems a little crazy when they are busy. I like Blue Pepper but its nothing I would go out of my way for. I know I am all over the board with this but I am just looking for some ideas.

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  1. I should also add, so it doesn't sound like too crazy of a rant, we pretty much like just about everything but Thai, Indian, or cuisines where bell peppers are often used. I am allergic to them.

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    1. re: Suzie

      Suzie - try Anthony's Trattoria
      just south of Bonita Bch Rd , on Hwy 41 - in Bonita Springs of course.
      - Steve

    2. There has gotta be something out there I am missing in Fort Myers. Anyone????

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        Try the Blue Coyote, a private dinner and social club. I think they let you try it once to make sure you like it before joining. It's off College Pkwy. in the Calusa Yacht and Racket Club. The gate will open when you pull right up to it. The restaurant is on the right at the end of the road. Tell Mitch you heard about it from Garth and you should enjoy it. Short but good menu and nice wine selection.

        1. re: gfrancis

          Are you a member gfrancis? Can you tell me more about it? Average age of the members? We were just talking about joining a few things to promote our business but I have never heard of this place.

      2. Technically not in Fort Myers, but just to the south is Chops City Grill in Bonita Springs. I've been there about three times and every meal has been excellent (especially the pork porterhouse). Good attention to detail.

        The only downside is some of the underdressed diners (alas, the bane of dining in a tourist area).

        1. THANKS! I knew there had to be someone out there! I don't mind going outside of Fort Myers to check out a recommendation. I will try it out in the near future.

          1. Have you tried Sunshine Cafe off McGregor and Mille Sapporo(sp?) in the Publix plaza on Summerlin in Ft Myers?

            Someone posted about a fabulous italian/pizza place on McGregor a few months ago...and good Mexican near the Bell Tower. You might want to do a quick search on here to find them. Their names escape me right now.

            I don't live in the area (my parents do) so I'm not up to date on what else is out there. We did have a great meal at Cru but the service was just OK and there was a little too much attitude in the place. The food WAS outstanding though.

            Good luck!

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            1. re: mish

              I will put Sunshine Cafe and Mille Sapporrro on the list! Thanks. The Italian Place is called Buon Appitio (sp) and I was one of the ones who recommend it. It really is good.

              1. re: Suzie

                I have Buon Appetito on my list to try next time we're in town. Sounds great.

                If you go, please report back on the two I suggested. I haven't been in a while but my parents and their friends love both of them.

              2. re: mish

                From working at mille sapporo years ago, I would avoid that place. The owner recycles unused bread.

                1. re: bill217718

                  i find this post a little ridiculous. years ago? and you post this now? how do you know what they do now?

                  1. re: alkapal

                    restaurant has been closed for at least two years now...

                    1. re: LilMsFoodie

                      guess they aren't serving any bread!