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Sep 11, 2006 03:41 PM

Can someone recommend a good chinese restaurant in Manchester?

Appreciate any recommendation(s)!

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  1. The Yang Sing is the most well known Chinese restaurant in Manchester and it's very good. If you want to get the best out of it, ask them to choose your meal for you - they will check out your likes and dislikes and tell you what you should have.

    They've also opened another one nearby called the "little Yang Sing", but I've not been there.

    1. The Yang Sing used to be good but its main clientele is now non-Chinese and the standard sadly reflects this. Red Chilli is worth a try for something unusual.

      1. I have heard good things about Red Chilli but haven't been yet. I agree with the comment about Yang Sing but have found its sister restaurant, Little Yang Sing, a bit better. If you're after somewhere less expensive, try Pearl City, which is mainly cantonese and popular with chinese in the area.

        1. Kwok Man. They have great food, not too expensive either. It is the kind of chinese restaurant with a big menu and will not do chips. I think it is on princess st. Highly recommend!

          1. TexusToast posted this: about

            It has some good suggestions for budget eating.