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Sep 11, 2006 03:38 PM

Sushi Marche review (Lesliville)

Sushi Marche just opened in lesliville a few months ago. Located on Queen E between Pape and Jones. They really only do takeout even though they have a couple of tables. The sushi is made fresh when it's ordered, so don't be turned off by the take out and plastic containers.

I ordered the Sushi Sashimi dinner ($28) includes 6 pieces of sushi, 10 pieces sashimi, Kamikaze roll (or california roll) ans salad (or soup). I also ordered 3 different rolls (about $7 each); eel/avacado, asparagus/shrimp tempura (nice hint of lemon), and spicy salmon. It was more than enough for 2 people.

The fish was very fresh with generous portions of sashimi and sushi. The roll diameters were small but you get 8-10 pieces, most of it the actuall ingredient rather than a thick rice roll. I found the take out containers actually had better presentation than most run of the mill sushi restaurants. Each container included a couple of little kumquats(?) in the husk which was a nice treat at the end.

Without the overhead of a full restaurant, they seem to be able to focus on the quality of the sushi and providing value in the food rather than other decor and waiters.

If ordering on a friday or saturday i would recommend calling the order ahead cause it'll take about 1/2 hr to prepare. They get pretty busy over the weekend. There's no website that I know of so you'd probably have to order once in person which is what I did, then you'd have the menu handy.


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  1. Good to read a review of this place. It's not far from where I live, and for the last few weeks, I've been saying that we need to pick up from there. Thanks for posting.

    1. This is my favourite Sushi in all of Toronto.

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      1. re: sweetspotlee

        whhat do you order from there? and how much does it cost?
        what do you recc?

        1. re: chalenegirl

          When it comes to sushi, I'm a simple guy - I love:

          California Roll (the lettuce piece inside makes all the difference!)
          Sashimi salad - amazing
          most any sashimi for that matter
          as well, i forget the name, but the roll with crunchy tempura crumbs inside - ask John the owner.

      2. I'm moving to the neighbourhood in a few weeks and am pretty excited to have this place handy, I'll probably take out from there at least once a week.

        1. Finally got a chance to check out Sushi Marche for lunch today, I can't believe its taken me this long! Amazing quality, extremely fresh fish, excellent presentation, and great value considering the quality of the ingredients... will be back soon and often, highly recommended.

          1. An outstanding place. I wrote my own brief review not long ago if anyone wants another longer oppinion.