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Sushi Marche review (Lesliville)

Sushi Marche just opened in lesliville a few months ago. Located on Queen E between Pape and Jones. They really only do takeout even though they have a couple of tables. The sushi is made fresh when it's ordered, so don't be turned off by the take out and plastic containers.

I ordered the Sushi Sashimi dinner ($28) includes 6 pieces of sushi, 10 pieces sashimi, Kamikaze roll (or california roll) ans salad (or soup). I also ordered 3 different rolls (about $7 each); eel/avacado, asparagus/shrimp tempura (nice hint of lemon), and spicy salmon. It was more than enough for 2 people.

The fish was very fresh with generous portions of sashimi and sushi. The roll diameters were small but you get 8-10 pieces, most of it the actuall ingredient rather than a thick rice roll. I found the take out containers actually had better presentation than most run of the mill sushi restaurants. Each container included a couple of little kumquats(?) in the husk which was a nice treat at the end.

Without the overhead of a full restaurant, they seem to be able to focus on the quality of the sushi and providing value in the food rather than other decor and waiters.

If ordering on a friday or saturday i would recommend calling the order ahead cause it'll take about 1/2 hr to prepare. They get pretty busy over the weekend. There's no website that I know of so you'd probably have to order once in person which is what I did, then you'd have the menu handy.


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  1. Good to read a review of this place. It's not far from where I live, and for the last few weeks, I've been saying that we need to pick up from there. Thanks for posting.

    1. This is my favourite Sushi in all of Toronto.

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        whhat do you order from there? and how much does it cost?
        what do you recc?

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          When it comes to sushi, I'm a simple guy - I love:

          California Roll (the lettuce piece inside makes all the difference!)
          Sashimi salad - amazing
          most any sashimi for that matter
          as well, i forget the name, but the roll with crunchy tempura crumbs inside - ask John the owner.

      2. I'm moving to the neighbourhood in a few weeks and am pretty excited to have this place handy, I'll probably take out from there at least once a week.

        1. Finally got a chance to check out Sushi Marche for lunch today, I can't believe its taken me this long! Amazing quality, extremely fresh fish, excellent presentation, and great value considering the quality of the ingredients... will be back soon and often, highly recommended.

          1. An outstanding place. I wrote my own brief review not long ago if anyone wants another longer oppinion. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

            1. Finally got around to picking up from here. Really enjoyed it! Another customer raved about the tempura shrimp, so we also got the guy to throw a couple of those into the order - totally delicious. We live in the neighbourhood and will definitely go back.

              1. Went to Sushi Marche the other night and I hate to say this but...it may have surpassed Japango as my favourite sushi place in Toronto. It was so so good. I had the sushi marche dinner and a spicy tuna roll. All of it was great and so fresh. I don't think I can go anywhere else for sushi take out now.

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                  I'm so glad someone else said that and not me. But, I couldn't agree more!

                2. I just went last night. Fantastic. Not sure if it rivals Japango, but it is certainly up there, and is a 5-minute walk from my house. But worth a special trip.

                  Real crab sashimi in a combo platter, who DOES that these days??? Wow.

                  1. Could someone estimate the cost of an average lunch/dinner? Thanks

                    1. I spent $43 on dinner for two, and we were stuffed.

                      1. We got dinner from there a couple of weeks ago. It was about $50 for the two of us, plenty of food, and almost too pretty to eat. It was fabulous.

                        1. Sounds great. And I thought I was lucky to have discovered Kuni Sushi Ya via chowhound!

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                            If you're going to Kuni Sushi Ya, you need to cross Baldwin go to Konnichiwa on the otherside!

                            I like them much, much better. Where else can you get Ume Shisho Maki ($1.50) and several Onigiri (ball sushi) including salmon and okaka (bonito shavings). They don't have too many types of raw fish sushi (in fact they only started serving raw sushi last year), but that is only because they refuse to serve anything less than very fresh fish. Their unagi and tamgo are to die for as well. The Unagi is always served warm and melt-in-your-mouth smooth. Their noodle soups are the best around with an excellently balanced bonito-dashi and wakame. They also have a variety of Japanese home-cooking style fish dishes (like scallop butter-yaki and grilled flying fish). Plus, on a busy Friday night (like last night) half their clientele are likely to be speaking Japanese -- always a good sign.

                            I go to Konnichiwa for when I want anything except a full meal of sushi and Sushi Marche for sushi.

                          2. Is this place only take-out? I live in Thornhill and I feel that the quality of the sushi would be affected because of the commute. Is there any sort of eating area in there? I'm not looking for anything too fancy here, just something to protect me from the elements and hopefully a table to eat off of.

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                              There is one table with two chairs by the front window. People often sit at it to wait for their orders, but I have seen one person eat at it. There is a third chair at the side. If you needed a fourth, you could fit it in if they had one to give you.

                            2. Take-out only.... there's a park across the street though! And a decent cafe (Tango Palace) that might let you bring in your take-out.

                              1. They actually have a table for two, don't think they encourage people to actually sit there and eat, although I'm sure if you explained that you drove in from Thornhill they would be cool with it.

                                1. Does anyone have any ideas what besides sushi is on the menu? My partner loves sushi, and while I'll eat nigiri salmon, that's the only sushi I like. I'd love to get us some takeout from this place, but only if there are some other things that I can fill up on (i.e. non-seafood cooked dishes).

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                                    They've got great tempura, not on the menu but they do it. As well I've noticed they've started doing nightly hot-food specials - the other night they had a Japanese curry that I was incredibly tempted to get. Also, good things like gyoza that heat up really nicely in your oven at home.

                                    Seriously, you're in the hood, you have to go. I know I sound like a total cheerleader, but it is one of the gems of Leslieville.

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                                      My partner ended up going to get takeout for an early dinner on the way home. They actually had several non-seafood dishes! My partner got an assortment of sushi and sashimi (which seemed to be a bonus they threw in for free in ridiculous portions). He reported it to be quite good with one small criticism: the cuts were thick, but that was not entirely to his preference because the fish ended up not being as tender as he liked. I got the soba noodles (which came with seaweed, tempura shrimp, and tempura bits), which I really enjoyed, and the curry, which was decent, although I've had much better elsewhere (Tokyo Grill).

                                      The presentation was absolutely lovely and partner said that the service as he ordered and waited for the food was amazing: they made him feel right at home and fussed over him, making sure that everything was to his liking. We would likely repeat the experience and found it to be better than our usual Japanese delivery in the area (Aki Da, which used to be great but wasn't so hot the last two times).

                                  2. LOVE Sushi Marche. Not only is the quality of the food very high. Fish is very fresh, rolls are done properly but the whole team there is fantastic! They are proud of their products and talk about it with passion. Plus, it is a local family owned place. Always good to support good quality business that enhances the quality of life of the neighborhood.

                                    One of the things I like is their ordering sheet system were you check the boxes of what you want (your Mtl folks will know what I am talking about).
                                    I usually spend around $50-$60 for two when I go there and we order a lot!
                                    Usually about 3 sashimi, 5 big rolls, 2 small rolls and a pickled radish roll (mioum).
                                    Sushi Marche rocks!

                                    1. agree with posters about sushi marche quality. we spent $45 for 2 and were satisfied/full. I don't recall any cooked items other than tempura or miso soup. The wakame salad is nice and i love how they garnish with gooseberries. i've only encountered lemon zest in maki at sushi marche. (i like!)

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                                        Also love this place, which isn't too far from my home. In fact, I'm planning to pick up from there either tonight or tomorrow. Can't wait!

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                                          I also love Sushi Marche... I wish it was closer to home!!
                                          It's a good place to go before or after a beach day at Ashbridges Bay :D
                                          Salad and salad dressing were good and the lunch specials are a really good deal.

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                                            Can you provide some more info about the food at Aki-Da? We get take out from Sushi Marche a few times a month and have usually been very happy (though the veggie gyoza were disappointing). But the menu there is relatively small and, allowing for likes/dislikes, we tend to end up with the same (or similar) things again and again. Aki-Da seems to offer much more choice.

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                                              It's been four months since we ordered from them and I have a notoriously bad memory, but I'll try to recall specifics on what we've had. As for raw, partner usually gets the sushi and I'll have a couple salmon nigiris. We find the quality of the fish to be very high and quite tasty, but the wasabi, which used to be standard, was just downright disgusting the last two times we got delivery. It was a watery mess that tasted completely wrong and we both ended up passing on it, which was disappointing because we both love heavy quantities of it and find that for us, it makes the sushi. Same with the ginger: it tasted strange and different from what you'd expect.

                                              The miso soup was pretty standard and the salad decent, but I've had better. As for the cooked foods, the gyoza was quite standard and tasty, although it always arrived fairly cold, and the veggie tempura was excellent and traveled surprisingly well - probably the highlight of the experience for me. The soba noodles were undergarnished and disappointing. I really didn't enjoy them. The only other dish I believe that I've tried was one of the stir fried udon entrees, and while it was tasty and the portion was huge, the flavour got repetitive quickly and I felt very little compulsion to even eat half of it despite the fact that I was still hungry.

                                              On the upside, they'll generally throw in a free order of some kind of rolls (I believe we've always had spicy salmon, which my partner thoroughly enjoyed).

                                              Other than that, no real complaints or praise. If they fix the wasabi, we would likely start ordering from them again, but we'll wait awhile longer before chancing it to find out. Sad, because we very much enjoyed our first three experiences getting delivery from them.