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Sep 11, 2006 03:30 PM

on risotto alone?

I love fixing risotto for dinner, and while I can eat a nice big bowl of it for dinner and be satisfied, my husband cannot. I usually serve it with some good crusty bread and some vegetarian sausage, but I need some more (and better) ideas. What are some of the things you fix with risotto to make it ‘more of a meal’ than just a bowl of rice?

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  1. I usually serve a decent sized salad beforehand. I'm partial to arugula personally. I like it w/sliced red onions, some prosciutto de parma and shaved parmesean reggiano. If figs are in season, even better. Dressing of your choice, lately I've been using a sherry vinegar instead of balsamic.

    1. Giada's "dirty risotto" has bell peppers, mushrooms, sausage and pancetta - it makes a tasty meal for us. But I just realized maybe you're vegetarian?

      1. I love risotto but like your husband, I cannot eat a big bowl of it no matter how good it is. Whereas I can eat a large serving of pasta as a full meal, risotto is just too rich and creamy. A suggestion is add larger amount of vegetables to the risotta so there is a more variation in texture.

        1. I like to add scallops, prawns or both to the risotto. You could also add asparagus to round out the dish. I don't like too many ingredients to mess up the delicate flavor.

          1. I can easily eat nothing but risotto for a meal (in fact that's pretty much how I get through winter,) but I understand that not everyone loves doing that. I big salad before or even on the side rounds out the meal for me. Great call of sivyaleah's on the arugala. I'll just drop some fennel in there too.

            That dirty risotto sounds great. I can't wait to try it out.