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Sep 11, 2006 03:22 PM

Pink Kombucha

I fear I might be the only kombucha maker on this board (hellooo? Anyone else out there?) Hm, I hear echoes.

But for those who are even vaguely interested, here's a great shot of some pink kombucha!

I infused my last batch with a few hibiscus blossoms and ended up with a gorgeous, fizzy, tangy drink. Perfect for summer, when water's gotten boring but sugary or alcoholic drinks don't really appeal.

What else is good in kombucha? And, being the broken record that I am, I'll say again that homemade kombucha is a million times better than that horrible stuff they sell in fancy food stores. Homemade is only as tangy as you want it to be, and incredibly fizzy.

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  1. I love Kombucha but have yet to make it myself. Your hibiscus version looks great - can you divulge your method? I've been feeling a need for the reviving power of this stuff but I'm also feeling poor, so making my own would be great.

    1. Getting the kombucha culture (the "baby" is what kombucha growers call it) is the hard part. You have to find a store near you that carries them, get one from a friend, or buy one on line.

      The "baby" is a culture composed of bacteria and yeast. It takes on the shame of its container, but is basically a thick off white slab that really sort of looks and feels like a large slab of squid or jellyfish.

      After that, all you'll need each time is:

      -enough tea to make 8 strong cups of tea
      -1 cup sugar
      -your culture (which will create a clone of itself every time you make a batch)
      -1 cup of old kombucha tea

      Much cheaper than buying bottles at the store! The biggest hassle for me of making kombucha has been timing it so that I don't have either too much or run out. But a little scheduling would fix that; I'm just scatter brained.

      Having more cultures than I know what to do with is also an annoyance. No one wants them, but sometimes I make one that's so perfectly formed it's a shame to toss.

      A full report is here:

      1. How do you get your kombucha to be fizzy? I've brewed it for a while, and so have friends, and I've never tasted fizzy homemade kombucha.

        1. I have just started to brew my own kombucha and am still learning, but I do like it much better than the store-bought! Pei, yours looks wonderful!

          For the fizziness, what I understand is that (after initial fermentation) you bottle it in a bottles that seal. Leave it at room temp for a few more days to continue fermenting and it will fizz as a result of the fermentation.

          1. I know I'm coming into this board so late, but I have a question. I just have my first batch(s) of kombucha fermenting in the pantry and saw the comment about adding hibiscus blossoms. Are you talking about the ornamental flower hibiscus or the the "hibiscus "sabdafaria" (sic?) which is what red zinger tea is made of....called jamaica in Mexico and roselle in the Caribbean. I buy it out of the barrel at the Mexican market and make a red tea with it from the calcyxes. Actually, even if this is not jamaica that you are using, that might be a great idea to use. Thanks for the idea.