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rec for moon cakes?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a Chinatown bakery with really good moon cakes?


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  1. I'm surprised this got no responses. No-one has had good moon cakes locally?

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      I've always gotten them shipped to me from HK by my relatives. In a pinch, we buy them at a store like Super 88 who ships them in from HK. I don't think I've ever bought ones made locally.

    2. I dont think you can go wrong with the bakery on the end of beach street near the arched gate. I forget the name, but its been there the longest and i always find everything there to be the best. I have not been to all the bakeries but have been to 3-4 others, i always end up back at that one. Its on the very end of the street across from Imperial Seafood and next to the small park area

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        i agree that place is the best overall of the chinatown bakeries, though i'm ashamed to admit that i don't know what its name is even though i've been going there for years.

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          I think that place might be called Hing Shing Bakery

      2. I don't think there are any really good moon cakes made locally...the best are made in HK, so you're better off stopping at a 88 or Ming's and getting a box there. The NYC ones are also ok.

        1. Thanks all. I know Hing Shing bakery, near the gate. They have terrific egg custard tarts.

          I've had the boxed moon cakes before but thought freshly made ones would be better. Perhaps I'll do some taste comparisons between the two this year.

          1. This weekend I had a black bean moon cake at Ho Yuen Bakery. My wife and I thought that it was delicious. Since it was the only moon cake I have had in 30 years, I may not be the best judge of the relative quality. It was beautiful, too. For about 30 seconds, I contemplated whether it was tto pretty to bite into.

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              Ho Yuen definitely has my favorites, as well. I go for their Lotus seed paste with two salted egg yolks, tho....Those salty yolks, and the dense, sweet paste really works for me.
              BTW, I saw moon cakes inported from Shanghai in the refrigerated section of Kam Man.

            2. Are fresh mooncakes available throughout the year or only during the Fall? Where would you recommend purchasing some? Any surburban locations (West of Boston)?

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                  You can get them anytime of year in chinatown. Here is a photo and definition http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mooncake

              1. I bought mooncakes from Hing Shing bakery in Chinatown (mentioned above). The ones we liked the best are the ones packed with nuts. I saw them about 2 weeks ago so I think they are a year-round item. There have been other bakeries recommended for mooncakes - Yi Soon in Allston (I think) was one.

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                  I don't believe I've had mooncakes at Yi Soon, but the place really rocks for baked goods. Better than anyplace in Chinatown.

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                    I was at Yi Soon on Saturday, and I didn't see any mooncakes. ..

                2. I thought I'd revive this thread since it's that time of year again.

                  The only local mooncakes I have ever had are from Yi Soon. I had the plain lotus seed paste against a fuxiangyuan imported moon cake with black bean and egg yolk, and I think for the cake itself, the Yi Soon version is softer, and more unctuous. The lotus seed paste was very fine, super smooth, so there isn't anything bad to say about it.

                  I remember in my childhood having imported mooncakes that had an almost cookie like exterior, a very shortening or lard rich cookie. It was weirdly hard and not my thing, but fuxingyuan's are decent though Yi Soon wins overall. I'm excited to try some of the chinatown ones. I was deprived as a child because my parents were snooty about their mooncakes and insisted on imports.

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                    I got hooked on mooncakes as a kid, when my parents went to Chinatown in New York (arguably how I became a chowhound in the first place -- I just took it as natural that of course you'd drive an hour, fight for a parking spot, and wander through urine-soaked alleys just for good chow). Dragon-Phoenix Bakery in New York's Chinatown has a magnificent mooncake -- pillow-soft exterior and a chewy, sweet but not cloying interior. I haven't come across anything in Boston that comes close, sadly enough (though I'm certainly interested if someone else finds something comparable).

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                      cool, I'll have to check it next time I'm in NY. I can say that I can't imagine the lotus seed paste filling being any better than it is at Yi Soon. I mean, you can only make it so smooth and the sweetness is just right for me. The cake I will say is a little too soft for me at Yi Soon.

                      I just had these shanghai or jiangsu or hangzhou or some thing like that style mooncakes, which are much less oily, and a little less sweet than cantonese mooncakes. It's spherical, looks kind of like a tiny dinner roll, the pastry is dry and flaky, and the fillings are coarser than the usual black bean/lotus seed paste stuff. One of the ones I tried had large chunks of red beans in with the bean paste, one was a bean/taro paste, and the final one was a sweet/savory green bean paste. I got them in concord but I've seen them at Yi Soon also.