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Sep 11, 2006 02:02 PM

Honey Cake for New Years

Where can one purchase the best honey cake in NYC?
We generally bake and serve honey cake during the Jewish New Year. This year we are just too lazy to bake, so I was hoping for some advice on purchasing it.
Thanks in advance to all who respond with recommendations.

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  1. You can pick up a Reisman's honey cake, which is packaged, in most supermarkets in NY. Their cakes and cookies are amongst the best packaged, kosher ones that have a good rabinnical supervision. If you want a fresh honey cake, I would recommend Chiffon's bakery on Coney Island Avenue bet. J & K in Brooklyn. They sell honey cake throughout the year. It is quite moist and can be bought with and without nuts on top. They will slice it for you, too!

    1. fairway has several kinds of new honey cakes like cranberry honey, and orange liqueur honey cake!

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        Are those cakes being made at the store bakery or are they packaged?

      2. IIRC, some are packaged and some are from Fairway's bakery.

        1. Angelo, the head baker of fairway, told me that the cranberry honey cake sold more than any of the others, guess it is a sign that the crowd is eager for something new even if it costs a $1 more! It really was good, so was their orange liqueur honey cake... they were doing free tastings one day last week.

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            Anything available in the city? I am going to be in NYC Sun/Mon and would like to get a honey cake to take home for the holidays.