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Sep 11, 2006 01:27 PM

Niagara Falls/Niagara on the Lake

Hi there:

We are heading to Niagara on the Lake for a conference the last week in Sept with an extra day planned for pleasure. We are trying to decide whether we should stay at Niagara on the Lake or at Niagara Falls. We will spend time in both places and I would love some suggestions for places to eat. We like all different kinds of foods and we prefer places that are moderately priced and not super fancy.

Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. There are many detailed threads on this, so search the board.

    - Stone Road Grill
    - Zees (reports show inconsistency - we had a good experience)
    - Epicurion (lunch is cafeteria style and quite good; dinner is fancier, but still informal)
    - BARS at Piller & Post and Riverbend Inn
    - Niagara Culinary Institute (at QEW Glendale exit)

    We've had mixed experiences at Hillebrand, Peller, and Strewn. Some really good food and some really poor. All seemed overpriced.

    Stay away from the Vintage Inn restaurants (except the Piller & Post bar) and don't go near the Shaw Wine Bar.

    We've never had a good meal anywhere, local or chain. We haven't tried the new casino. (TGI Fridays was so bad that it was a life experience.) We can recommend the Redwood B&B in the Falls as a place to stay.

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      Thank you all for the suggestions! I am going to do a little research on these places. I will definitely post reviews after our trip. Thank you!

    2. I'll second all of Embee's comments. 17 Noir at the Casino has a good reputation, but I've not eaten there. I'd say that Niagara Falls is a better place to visit than to stay or eat.

      1. When in NOTL make sure you get to the Olde Angel Inn. It's a great old bar with a ghost story.
        If you can find/afford accomodation, I'd stay in NOTL. It's a great little town. It's used constantly if Hollywood movies that take place around Christmas.


        1. I've yet to have a meal in Niagara on the Lake I don't hate. THe worst ever was a Shaw burger, that I assumed would be vegetarian. I was not angry to find meat (i love it), but it tasted like McDonalds. I hear most restaurants are owned by 1 person. I won't list all my dissappointments, but the worst was at the Landing. It was about $100 a person, and we left hungry and bitter.

          My partner is from Niagara Falls, a depressing tacky city with a few really good, old-style Italian Canadian restaurants. I like the Casa D'oro (laugh at the decor, enjoy the food), the Capri (weathered by pleasant), and Como in NF NY. The latter is spectacularly good. It's like being in a Doris Day movie, but with over the top Italian American food.

          1. That one person, the "Hong Kong dragon lady" spent millions on upgrading NOTL. Unfortunately, she priced everything for US tourists when our dollar was in the dumper. It didn't work, and she doesn't own everything anymore.

            She still owns the Shaw Cafe and Wine Bar (where I assume you had that "Shaw burger"). It is a tourist trap with exhorbitant prices, mediocre food, and bad service. She also owns the Oban Inn, but the restaurant there is leased to a local chef (Tony DeLuca) with a good reputation that I don't think he deserves. I haven't eaten there yet.

            She no longer runs the Prince of Wales, Piller & Post, or Queen's Landing. They are cheaper than they were, but not worth their cost. The one exception is the Piller & Post bar, where they serve very tasty sandwiches and such that are priced reasonably for their size.

            Stick with the independent places and, possibly, try Zees.

            (I actually had a memorable tasting menu meal at the Landing in 2004. Went back in 2005 to a very different experience. The chef was gone and the food was blah. I could have done without the plastic wrap in my sandwich that nearly choked me to death. The waitress told us that there was nobody in the house with the authority to comp the meal.)