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Sep 11, 2006 12:42 PM

Vietnamese sandwiches on Atlantic Ave.

Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches, which has had a very popular storefront for a couple of years in the East Village, has just opened a second one on Atlantic Ave between Smith and Hoyt. Their classic is just delicious, and the prices are really low ($4 average for a delicious sandwich on baguette). Definitely worth a stop. Our new plan: stop there as we drive down Atlantic Ave. on the way to shopping at Fairway, eat the Vietnamese sandwiches on the Fairway terrace, and then shop happily. What a combo!

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    1. I have had both Nicky's and Hanco's pork chop bahn mi in the past week and would also give the nod to Hanco's by a nose. The bread was crustier and the meat had a nice char flavor to it, something that seemed missing at Nicky's. And the balance was nice. But I would be lying if I claimed that there was a dramatic difference between the sandwiches at both places. Both are pretty great.

    2. I haven't tried Nicky's on Atlantic, but I love Hanco. Those classic sandwiches are just the right mix of hotness and flavor. I agree that they keep getting better.

      Do not, however, make the mistake of ordering the "salty plum" drink at Hanco. I ordered it last weekend and ended up with something that tasted mostly like iced saline solution, no hint of plum. Ick. Has anyone had a salty plum anywhere else? Is it supposed to taste like that?

      1. Nicky's is definitely a treat in the Boerum Hill area. There's hardly any good Asian here but the Vietnamese sandwiches are awesome. The key are the baguettes that they use. THey toast them which makes the bread hot and crunchy on the outside. My personal fave is the chicken (really moist and flavorful), which comes with carrots, pickled cucumbers, and mayo. All in all, a worthy stop on a pretty desolate area on Atlantic Ave.