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Trader Joe's olive oil

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Running out of olive oil--should I stick with my expensive stuff, or does TJ's have any great offerings?


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  1. About a year ago I bought some of their EVOO I can't remember the name but it was not a name that you'd recognize. (But it was Greek) I think the litre was around 5 or 6 bucks and stupid cheap! I couldn't believe the excellent quality. Even if it were double the price it would have been a bargin. I think I've heard that you cant always get the same things at TJ's. But I'd still check it out. If you are in the NYC area, others here on the boards have very recently touted Fairway's brand EVOO.

    1. I think they have several good brands - Santini, IIRC, is a very decent one. I was just at my local (Burlington, MA) store, and my friend and I saw an Australian olive oil. Didn't get it; have no idea how it is, but it just doesn't seem like a place I'd think of for olive oil.

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        The Australian Extra Virgin olive oil is excellent and a great bargain! Now going to try T. J.;s Organic (Spanish) Olive Oil, Extra Virgin, cold Pressed. Australia's olive oil production is now growing much like its wine production has also. Try it!

      2. There are almost too many different types of extra virgin olive oil at Trader Joe's. It's difficult to figure out what is supposed to distinguish them.

        1. They seem to have Greek, Italian, French and domestic (mostly CA). I've tried most of them and all are very acceptable.

          1. I use TJ's Kalamata for cooking. Best value around for a full-flavored green oil. (It does not have that new-oil bite.)

            1. I just wanted to second Robert's suggestion for the TJ's Kalamata for everyday cooking. It's got good, clean flavor and you can't beat the price.

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              1. TJ's "President's Reserve" is what I buy most often. It's a good general purpose EVOO.

                1. I just bought a bottle of TJ's Sicilian EVOO. Not too impressed. I liked the previous bottle I bought from TJ's - I can't remember the name right now but was from Italy and it had a white label with light green printing on it. Paulino or something?!?

                  1. lindawhit,just google olives australia and you'd be surprised.

                    1. extra-virgin, california estate and organic

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                      1. Yeah, TJ's has Too many EVOOs and not one standard non-virgin That you can cook with at high temps. I've repeatedly asked them why won't they stock it because you need that to be able to fry decently - they said it just does not sell since the fad for EVOO started.

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                          Haven't I seen pomace oil there? It has a really high smoke point.

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                            What is pomace oil? Ruth Laffler told me about grapeseed oil for frying at high temps (TJ's has it). It tastes great and is wonderful for frying and does not have the health concerns people were mentioning about canola oil, which I had been touting for frying. Grapeseed oil is such a good product - I even used it very successfully in a pinch to make banana bread. But I'd still like to see TJ's get a nice plain mild tasting olive oil I could fry with - like for meatballs, eggplant parm. - olive oil makes it taste just that little bit better.

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                            I just asked at the Studio City TJ's yesterday and was given this total BS response about drought in the Mediterranean. The stock boy who came to help told the truth -- nobody was buying the non-EVOO, so they stopped carrying it.

                            I really don't want to go back to Bertolli for frying. Even my local Italian market doesn't carry regular olive oil.

                          3. I swear by the TJs brand Kalmata EVOO. Delicious, grassy green, and only $7 for a large bottle. Whatta deal.