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Sep 11, 2006 06:42 AM

How I became addicted to Fatted Calf bacon...

I blame it on you hounds like Morton the Mousse and Sixy. You just HAD to keep raving and raving about FC bacon until I could bear it no longer. Then I blame you, Nathan P. for being so kind and offering to pick up any products for me on your sojourn to the Berkeley farmer's market. Hounds' raving of favorite FC products is evidenced here:

I don't like to make "best" claims often, but this was truly the best bacon I've ever encountered. I knew it was special from the moment I saw it sealed in plastic. The extra thick cut bacon was striated w/ gorgeous ribbons of fat and had a fresh pale glow. Upon opening the bag, the intense smoky aroma was released. As I fried it on low-med heat, it slowly exuded a clear pool of fat (the most I had ever witnessed from 4 strips of bacon) w/ very little sputtering from water one sees w/ bad bacon.

I can't think of a better way to feature this phenomenal bacon right now then in a BLT. In my case, it was a BST (w/ spinach). I cooked it to very crispy the first time and just shy of crispy the second time. Preferred the latter. It's a very assertive, meaty bacon, so I liked it better in the sandwich than on its own. It also tasted really good mopped up in some maple syrup alongside sourdough pancakes...

Photo of bacon taken to very crispy:

Photo of BST:

Photo of bacon taken to shy of crispy w/ pancakes:

BTW, I reserved the bacon fat for cooking! Nathan, husband, and I sampled many other goodies and enjoyed them all. Mortadella, duck rillettes, and ciccioli were particularly outstanding. Seems like you can't go wrong w/ FC, and now I must get me more bacon! About $10/lb. and worth every penny.

Does anyone know from where FC sources their meat, particularly their pork? And if you think there's another bacon (bonus points if in South Bay) that I can transfer my addiction to, please share!

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  1. Another knockout place for bacon is Dittmer's in Mountain View. I just got some over the weekend. The stuff is thick cut, leaner than FC bacon, smokey and utterly delicious. I had it with a loaf of ACME italian batard, scrambled eggs, and sauteed garden tomatoes in bacon fat. Since Dittmer's bacon is less fatty, the drippings are a little more scarce.

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    1. re: Porthos

      I'm looking at Dittmer's website and they list several different types of bacon. Do you know which one you like so much?

      1. re: Mick Ruthven

        The regular smoked bacon. The Schinkenspeck looked good also but the owners son recommended the regular smoked bacon for breakfast and to render for the braised short rib that I would be making later.

    2. I have not tried FC's bacon. My go to bacon is from Corralitos Market.

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      1. re: Alan408

        Thanks for reminding me about Corralitos bacon. I've purchased it from their farmer's market stand but never been to their store. It's good, but not as exceptional as FC's.

      2. I am not going to say sorry for your new addiction. But I guess I might be sorry if you get to the market before me and buy out their entire stock. Thank goodness they have pre-ordering available.

        Have you tried the Fatted Calf rind on bacon too?
        Be careful not to overcook it because it gets really hard if left too long in the pan.

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        1. re: Sixy

          No, haven't tried the rind on bacon. Can you describe the difference in flavor, cooking, serving, etc from the rindless? Now I know how FC bacon "behaves", so I won't run the risk of overcooking again.

          Thanks for everyone's comments. I still need to try Nueske and need to make a revisit to Dittmer's soon. Oh, a side-by-side bacon tasting would be fun...

          1. re: Carb Lover

            GENIUS! A bacon showdown. When you do Dittmer's please do all the different types of bacon that they have. Do report soon. I can't wait.

            1. re: Carb Lover

              As I am english and we like our back bacon on the rare to medium side and are used to the rind on, i was foolish to try and cook my first batch of fatted calf rind-on the american way - til really crispy. the rind is like a thin pork crackling and it got really really hard (to the point i thought i would break my teeth on it). I was just trying to please the BF who likes his bacon well done, but next time I am going to do it my english way. Apart from the rind it tastes exactly the same.

          2. Now that's a good looking BST! makin' me hungry.

            1. Hey,

              It used to be Niman, this I know. But Taylor is a wily butcher and likes to play. If you're a fan of bacon, you must at least try it once. Variety is the spice of life!

              I found Dittmer's a solid performer, but it's never been outstanding. And the last 2 pounds I bought a few months ago was mostly fat. Belly bacon can vary an awful lot so I don't hold it against them.