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Sep 11, 2006 06:27 AM

Restaurants near Lake Forest Metra or anywhere along Union Pacific North Line Metra?

Does anyone know of any great restaurants in Lake Forest near the train station? In fact, I'd appreciate any "finds" of great dining establishments near any stations along the Metra Union Pacific North Line to Kenosha! Thanks!

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  1. In Lake Forest:
    - South Gate Cafe - the food here is pretty good and there is a beautiful outdoor patio if it is nice enough to eat outside. There is also a Bistrot and Bakery associated with South Gate Cafe that's good.
    - There is a sandwich shop on Western near Market Sq. that has really good, cheap sandwiches. I think its called the Wine & Tea shop, but I'm not sure.

    Near Hubbard Woods station:
    O'Neils - O'Neils is a good sit down restaurant. I am in love with their citrus salad dressing (beware, its very sweet) and their grilled flat bread (with pesto, sundried tomatoes and goat cheese, standard ingredients, but very yummy). In the summer they have amazing soft-shell crabs. A little pricey.

    Near Davis St., Evanston:
    -There's too much good stuff to list here. There have been previous downtown Evanston threads that are worth checking out.

    1. I recommend Michael, on Green Bay Road, just across the street from the Indian Hill station in Winnetka. Haute French, and the closest place to get well-pepared foie gras outside of the Chicago city limits!

      1. Also do not forget near the Main Street Station in Evanston - some notables - Lucky Platter, Oceanique, Campangola and Kuni's