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Sep 11, 2006 06:17 AM

Ici, Berkeley report (w/ pics)

My friends and I went to try Ici for the first time 9/10/06. The ice cream cone is still being fixed so none tonight, maybe in a few weeks.

The flavors change often. Samples are given out so do ask to try anything you want. Don't know the limit but I got to try 3 different flavors: ginger something, chocolate, and plum sorbet-chocolate was my favorite, ginger had good ginger flavor but didn't pick it, plum too tart.

I just went with the standard chocolate and vanilla in a small cup $3.50, the portions are small here, tasted fine. I think V. got chocolate chip-think he liked it. A. got the chocolate vanilla sandwich and liked it fine $4.25.

No seating available, we ate by the window's edge. Free ice water available. No bathrooms to the public. Credit cards available if over $10, the cashier said.

Under Scoops
kid's $2.50
small $3.50
Large $4.50
Pint $7.75
Quart $14.75

Bon Bon $1.25
sandwich $4.25
box of 8 bon bons $9.50
box of 4 sandwiches $16.50

small (serves 2-4) $16.50
Medium (serves 6-8) $28.50
large (serves 10-12) $38.50

hot fudge, caramel sauce, whipped cream $.50
cones (12) $9.75
adult shirt $15.50
kid's shirt $13.50

fruit soda, soda water $2.50
espresso $1.75
cappuccino $2.75
latte $3.25

cookies, candies & daily special (see specials board)-I didn't see a specials board.

Overall, I would recommend it.


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  1. Those have to be some of the best photos I've ever seen on Chowhound or anywhere. It really is like being in the shop.

    Thanks for taking the time to print out the menu and prices too. That is so useful.

    1. Thanks for the compliment, they are just average, but I think pics help me decide if I want to try a place. Thanks to you and others on the board that reviewed it first. Hope others just try it and decide for themselves if it's worth going back.

      I miss the feature where you can edit the post for a longer time, here are more details.

      2948 College Ave (@ Ashby)
      Berkeley CA 94705
      Hrs: 11-9 Tues Sun

      Lots of previous posts: