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Sep 11, 2006 05:45 AM

Good Asian market within 20 miles of Town of Fairfield

I used to live in Westchester and had an awesome source of sushi-grade fish and all the supplies needed to roll my own sushi. Now I'm having a hard time replacing it. Even though I've moved further north to a more fishing centric local, the "fresh fish" seems restricted to the supermarkets. Does anyone know where I can at least buy sushi quality fish?

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  1. Try Pagano's Fish Market in Norwalk, behind Colonial Liquors at the corner of Conn. Ave. (Rte.1) and Scribner Avenue. If you take I-95 take Exit 14 (Swanky Franks is directly across from the exit if you feel peckish after the drive), turn left on CT. Ave., go to the first light turn left onto Scribner and it's a fast left almost immediately.

    1. Thanks, I'll check it out. Pretty amazing that I move up to fishing country and there are no real fresh fish stores in my town.

      1. Is Swansons in Fairfield gone, or perhaps not selling fresh enough fish? Or how about Westfair in Westport? Seems like every town in the county has at least one small, independent seafood store, all of which are far better than any supermarket, but I'm not a sushi maven, so don't know if the quality you're seeking is available at these places.

        1. I just joined chowhound and live in westchester. Would you please post where you went for sushi grade fish. Thanx