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Sep 11, 2006 05:39 AM

El Tepeyac Cafe

Dommy! and Russkar are right. The chicken Hollenbeck burrito and the chicken taquitos at El Tepeyac Cafe (812 N Evergreen Ave, (323) 267-8668)are excellent. Tried them this evening, and both dishes are great. Taquitos are huge, fresh, filled with white meat chicken, not at all greasy, and served with a generous pile of guacamole. The combo plate (two taquitos, guacamole, rice, beans and salad) was about eight bucks. The chicken Hollenbeck is also gigantic, filled with stewed white meat chicken and peppers, rice, beans, and a bit of guacamole. Moist and delicious, at six dollars and change. Plus, the vibe here is somehow very homey. Sat at the counter (which we love) and had a friendly and satisfying meal.

So, is it possible to eat lunch here during the week at anything close to lunch time, or is it too jammed? (Russkar tells me they resort to eating taquitos at 9 or 10 in the morning in order to beat the lines!)

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  1. You can cut down on the wait time by calling in your order ahead of time.

    OR, if you are LAPD you always get preferred treatment, which in my mind, is not a bad thing ... all things considered.

    Never could finish a Hollenbeck in one sitting.

    1. HURRAH!!! SO glad you guys like it... You guys also rule... since Russ made his original post, I've been trying to find a way to sneak over there (But something ALWAYS comes up! :P) This weekend, I vow! :)

      We used to go there for lunch often, we'd get there early ~11ish and didn't bother with the inside, we were a bunch of young know it all consultants, we sat with the homeys on the benches outside...

      Also they pack things up REALLY nice to go... You don't know how many times I got yelled at for brining a Hollenbeck back to work to "share"... ;)


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        We always eat outside. Quick and easy--usually no waiting like dining inside. Tip the order taker an extra buck and they'll really pile on the food. 1/2 block away across the street is Ciro's Cafe another east LA Mexican classic place. According to the people at Ciro's...El Tepeyac is LA Mexican cuisine.

      2. I like the steak picado and the milanesa at Ciro's.

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          Milanesa is what I always get at Ciro's.
          At El Tepeyac its always Manuel's Burrito (naturally splitting it with my wife).

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            I like their chunky avocado salsa, and their flautas.

          2. Try the enchiladas rancheras at El Tepeyac.....absolutely declicious. I much prefer them to the burritos.

            1. ok...I'm in. What neighborhood is this?


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