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Sep 11, 2006 03:42 AM

Looking for comfy cafe with Wi-Fi

Any recommendations for a cafe (preferably EV, LES, West Village, or SoHo) where I can have a great latte and get some work done? Good scones would be a huge plus.

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  1. Ini Ani on Stanton is pretty cool

    1. This is a little further uptown than you mention, but Boqueria on 19th is wired. Don't know about the scones though.

      1. I think it's called Theee Coffee Chamber or something, but it's between Bowery and Bway, I think on the same block as Von? Anyway, good wifi and they won't kick you out.

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          I like this place -- it's at 17 Bleecker, less than half a block west of Bowery. It used to be called Theeee Coffee Chamber (that's a quadruple "E" -- yeah pretty absurd, though memorable), but I think they've changed their name to simply 17 Bleecker. Good iced tea. But I must admit I don't drink coffee or use wi-fi. However, on a visit from Maryland, my father pronounced their espresso "OK," which means it *must* be at LEAST above-average. Open until 11 p.m.

          I also like Think Coffee, at 248 Mercer between 3rd and 4th Sts. Somewhat nicer atmosphere than 17 Bleecker, bigger, and open later -- until Midnight.

        2. Blind Tiger Ale House just reopened on Bleecker (right off Jones) as a coffee shop. I walked by yesterday and it seemed relaxed and uncrowded. Their website advertises free wifi.

          1. Housing Works on Crosby is a good option. Full disclosure, I volunteer there but I was a user even before.

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              Thanks for all of the suggestions! I had been going to Think and former Theee for a while and scoped out DTUT (was closed today - doesn't look like they are going to re-open), Lotus and stumbled on Cakeshop on my way to Ini Ani today. I'll give a synopsis after I've hit all of the recommendations. Thanks, hounds!