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Sep 11, 2006 03:02 AM

Fine dining in Las Vegas

Fellow hounds,

I am about to make a trip to Las Vegas, and I am looking to have a fine dining experience while I am out there. I live in New York City, and I love to have new dining experiences wherever I go.

In NYC, I have had the fortune to go to Per Se. While in Chicago, I have been to Alinea. I am looking for something of this level of quality in Las Vegas.

That being said, I am not looking so much for a restaurant that exits in NYC and has been duplicated out there. Aureole, Le Cirque (the new one opened up in the Bloomberg building a little bit ago) are examples of what I am not looking for.

I was interested in checking out Joel Robuchon's restaurant, but to my dismay, I saw that Citysearch gave it a rating of below nine. I found this very hard to believe.

I have considered Bradley Odgen's outpost as well, but the website doesn't do much to entice me.

Nob Hill looks interesting, but it looks a step below what I am looking for.

Any recommendations from the readers of this board would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Joël Robuchon at The Mansion is superb! It's the best meal I've had in Las Vegas - better than Alex, better than Picasso, much better than Bradley Ogden. The only possible rival is Guy Savoy; I haven't eaten there yet.

    For a full description of my meal, go to this link: .

    There will always be a certain degree of controversy surrounding any restaurant that aspries to be the best. For what it's worth, at least some critics are enamored of Joël Robuchon at The Mansion. Gayot gives it 19 out of 20 stars, and names it one of the best best French restaurants in the world, outside of France.

    If you decide against it, Alex (at Wynn Las Vegas) is a worthy choice. The food tastes nearly as good, although the presentation doesn't begin to match that at Robuchon. Of course, Alex costs only about half as much as Robuchon. For more details, see .

    From what I've read, on average Guy Savoy seems to be ranked below Robuchon. However, this is far from unanimous. Recently, John Curtas of KNPR (Las Vegas' NPR station) went absolutely crazy over Guy Savoy. Curtas has eaten at most of the top spots in New York, and in other cities as well, and generally seems level headed.

    1. I hope you won't base your decisions based on Citysearch ratings. I can hardly think of a less reliable source. I wish I could provide a personal response, but I haven't been to JR or GS. Although Bradley Ogden is a lovely restaurant, I think your instincts are right not to put it in the Per Se/Alinea class.

      1. Just this past Friday I had a discussion with a friend of mine (Chef Jean Louis Gerin) and he told me that in his opinion and that of his peers, there are 2 restaurants that are considered the best of the best: Per Se in NYC and Joël Robuchon at The Mansion. Given that Jean Louis is personal friends w/Guy Savoy and was his sous chef @ Guy Savoy Paris some 20 years ago, I was surprised by his answer. We attended the opening of Guy Savoy Las Vegas back in May and although it was an absolutely stunning meal, it IMHO, was too expensive and too long to recommend. I took him to Picasso @ Bellagio the following night and though the food quality was not that of Guy Savoy, the entire evening was much more enjoyable, and about 1/2 to 1/3 the price! I would say that the quality of Picasso matches that of Gramercy Tavern (I too live in the NYC area) and given the atmosphere (original Picasso adorn the walls while the Fountain provides additional enjoyment) I think you would be satisfied. If possible and weather permitting, try sitting on the patio. An absolutely glorious dining experience.

        1. Thank you for the replies. They are greatly appreciated. Here are some specific replies to the comments placed so far:

          Dave Feldman - It's interesting. I've found that generally, the rankings on citysearch for NYC have been in line with what most epicures in the city think. There are always disagreements, but overall, it's not a bad rule-of-thumb guide for the NYC area. I usually follow up with the Chowhound boards (of course) as well as the Michelin guide.

          This is very different from what I have seen for the Las vegas Citysearch section. I know that in the future, I won't consider it in my decision making for this city.

          LVI and Larry: Both of your observations have helped me cement my decision. My first choice is going to be Joël Robuchon at The Mansion. If I can not get a reservation there, then I will be aiming for Picasso.

          Thanks for all the comments.

          On a side note, I will be going to Craftsteak the night after. From what I can tell, it looks like one of the better steakhouses in the city. It will also be for a group of nine men (bachelor party) who do not have the palette that I do when it comes to food.

          Any comments on that as well would also be appreciated.

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            Although a chain, my group of 12 friends had a dinner at Capital Grill that was great. They have a very friendly corkage policy (so friendly that they waived it the night we were there. We went through 7 magnums of wine!) and the staff was great. I have to say that if it is steak you are after, I would recommend CG to any place on the strip. Most of the places all serve prime meat (some serve dry age, CG is one, but not all do.) so as long as the steaks are done properly, there really should not be much that differentiates one from another. Yet there is more inconsistency in steak houses than there should be. Prices are also very reasonable. The restaurant itself is very comfortable and is a beautiful atmosphere (located on the strip across the street from the Wynn on the top floor of the fashion mall.).

          2. I would not call Craftsteak one of the best steak houses in Las Vegas, but it is very good, and perfect for a group. Craftsteak serves everything family style, so you may order many things to try. If you go, definitely order the short ribs. Another great steak house in Las Vegas is Charlie Palmer Steak at the Four Seasons (Mandalay Bay), which I enjoyed with a group of 8 guys. There are many others that I'm sure will be mentioned. Good Luck.