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Nov 12, 2004 08:37 AM

Zachary's Pizza

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Is it as good as I have heard, or is it one of those places that is really overrated?

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  1. I like it, but you should probably get more than just one opinion. I know I've never walked past the College Ave shop when it wasn't packed, lunch or dinner.

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    1. re: Louise

      I've found that people are deeply divided about Zak's.
      Personally I think their deep dish (stuffed) pizza is awesome.

      1. re: tedm

        I love the stuff, but I barely consider it pizza. It is really good when fesh, I love the thick tomato sauce and the crisp on the bottom-chewy inside dough, which is what traditionalists hate. But Zachary's is very much like a bread casserole in my opinion, and totally different from NY pizza or authentic Italian pizza. I haven't had a lot of pizza in Chicago, so better for someone else to make that comparison.

        But to me, it's a very unique Bay Area treat, and I miss it when I'm away for a while.

    2. I think their deep dish is pretty darned good, but I've never had one from Chicago.

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      1. re: SLRossi

        I think it's better than the stuffed pizza from Giordano's in Chicago, which is what Zachary's is based on. The hype and popularity are well deserved.


        1. re: nja

          Second that and I've had a lot of Giordano's pizza.

          1. re: nja

            i have to disagree. like other posters stated, the chunky tomato sauce is way too bitter and acidic imho and the crust has the texture of a piece of cardboard. giordano's on the otherhand is what zachary's aspires to be, no doubt. the crust is light and flakey and the sauce is a very zingy tomato sauce without all the wannabe fresh, acidic chunky tomato crap that zachary's uses. i'm not a big fan of zachary's, but i guess it's because i've had better chicago deep dish pies elsewhere.

            1. re: Peter Kim
              ChowFun (derek)

              In my trips to Zachary's, I've never had overly acidic/tinny tomatoes, just nice tart/tasty ones...I ask for "well baked" and the crust (on the deep dish) has always been crunchy..almost "short" ....
              never been to Giordano's (would love to have a Chicago Pizza Chicago!!! (not in winter however!))

        2. I honestly hate eating here, the crowds are way too much... but the chicken stuffed pizza is so so good...

          my rec is to buy a half-cooked and finish at home... do not buy a stuffed pizza cooked to go, it turns the crust to mush...

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            Robert Lauriston

            I've found Z's deep-dish pizza undercooked every time I've had one. I prefer Little Chicago's (takeout / delivery only).

            I like Zachary's thin-crust pizza. The crust is eccentric (kind of like Cheese Board's) but the toppings are great. My favorite is the South of the Border combo.

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            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Ditto, I don't like the deep dish chiefly because the canned tomatoes seem undercooked/acidic, but their thin crust is really good -- bottom has corn meal.

              1. re: MargotB

                I second this thought on the deep dish.
                I can't for the life of me understand why people are so passionate about a pizza drowned under a tinful of raw, tinned, chopped, acidic tomatoes.

                1. re: Sixy beast
                  Reese in Rockridge

                  I've definitely had pies which suffer from this affliction, but then sometimes the sauce tastes great.

                  I would agree that the way to go is to buy them half-baked and finish at home -- this has usually led to better-tasting sauce too.

                  I have never eaten in the actual restaurant, but have taken them to go quite a few times.

                  If you like spinach, it's a must-have filling in the stuffed version. Without it, I find that I have little enthusiasm for Zach's.

                  1. re: Sixy beast

                    I find the tomatoes..."Tart"...not acidic at all...I always ordered it 'well done' and the crust was very good....that being said, I have never had pizza in Chicago, I do like Little Star in SF very much,(but it is such a ZOO! ) and would love to try Little Chicago's in the East Bay...also the Chicago pizza place on the main street of Petaluma was very good...but I haven't been there in many years...!

              2. I think this place is overrated. I think I had the sausage and mushroom deep dish last time. It was bland.