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Sep 11, 2006 02:15 AM

Co-ed Bachelor Party-recommendations for surreal meal and entertainment needed.

Am putting together a coed bachelor party for 12. We want to go out in the LES/Chinatown area. There will be 12 of us on a Saturday night. Need a place to go to dinner first - doesn't have to be Chinese - can be anything. The stranger the better. Looking for less expensive because we're following up with karaoke and or dancing... recommendations for all appreciated.

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  1. While the discussion of dinner options is on topic for this board, karaoke and dancing venues are off-topic. Please limit your responses to food, as off-topic replies will be removed.

    1. Definately don't want to go off the food topic. I know that there are a few restaurants in the city where karaoke goes on during food - so I'd only want that combo of a recommendation. Scratch the dancing question unless the restaurant offers dancing on the dinner table while eating.

      1. at BINY (i think it's thompson/canal) you can get a private room w/ passable sushi and other japanese and your own karaoke to limit humiliation to the privacy of your own group.