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Sep 11, 2006 01:10 AM

Oktoberfest Fare for Vegetarians

Oktoberfest is around the corner, and I've got all the basics covered with wursts, biers, salats, goulash and spaetzle (luckily we live near a holdover German neighborhood). What I'm not sure of is what to make for the vegetarians in the crowd that will still be relatively authentic german/bavarian fare.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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  1. --you've already got the spaetzle
    --good sauerkraut
    --good crusty german rye bread
    --good soft, fresh pretzels
    --obatzda (you can google a recipe, but it's basically camembert mixed together with butter, paprika, onions, caraway seeds, salt and pepper) served with fresh pretzels

    1. Hot dogs are basically wursts. A decent brand of veggie dogs wouldn't be super authentic, but it would give your vegetarian friends something more substantial than starch and cheese.

      1. You may want to consider something using mushrooms for the vegetarians -- maybe a big crockpot full of mushroom soup, or something thicker and creamier they can put over the spaetzle, or, if you have some time to prepare, you can do stuffed cabbage rolls with mushrooms, brown rice and veggies inside, simmered in a slightly sweet and sour tomato sauce.

        1. Gemischter Salat is common in Bavaria, a selection of different salads served on one plate. Some care is taken in the presentation so it looks more like a composed salad, instead of someone's plate at a buffet dinner. Usually there are about 2-3 tbsps of 5 or 6 salads on each plate.
          I've seen various combinations of potato salad, bean salad, cucumber salad, a marinated carrot salad, corn salad, marinated mushrooms, marinated beets, red cabbage salad and chick pea salad.

          You could also serve roasted chestnuts, a common streetfood in Munich.

          Or buttered bread topped with salted, thinly sliced radishes.

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            Yes, in the original post I mentioned the salat. Roasted chestnuts are a FABULOUS idea, as are the radishes. l like serving radishes with butter and salt anyway, so this is a perfect excuse to haul them out.

          2. Tofurky makes some pretty good kielbasa and beer brats. I usually get them at Whole foods or Earth Fare, but I am sure any health food store will have them.

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            1. re: kate.s

              thanks for the recs. I would much rather get the tofurky brats than serve veggie dogs, which most of my veggie friends don't actually like.

              Anyone have any other recommendations for a veg friendly soup or stew, not mainly mushrooms?

              1. re: MaspethMaven

                How about a soup based on beans or lentils? We just finished a batch of ribolitta which had kale, beans, tomatoes and other vegetables.