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Sep 11, 2006 01:08 AM

Mexican - New Haven, CT

Can someone recommend a good Mexican rest in the New haven area?

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  1. Baja's on the Post Rd(route 1) in Orange, CT.

    1. Right on Broadway about 1 mile from Yale is a terrific Mexican Place. Name escapes me but its the only one on Broadway. Parking is avail across the street near the Yale bookstore.

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          I just, two days ago, talked to someone that had eaten a Bulldog.... burrito. He said it was "OK", but not very "Mexican". It's fast food. It does not qualify as Mexican food, by a stretch, IMHO.
          One block away at the corner of Whalley and Howe is El Amigo Felix, I call it Tex-Mex. We've eaten there about six times and think it is a fair representation of Tex-Mex. Tex-Mex is the closest thing I can compare it to. It is the best you can do in this "downtown area" for a Mexican food fix. Forget anywhere else in the area. They are pathetic. If you are willing to go to the Fair Haven area, a few miles away, then go to Guadalupe La Poblanita for good, real Mexican food. They are nice folks, too. You can bring wine in. No corkage fee.
          There is El Tapatio, at the corner of Grand and Ferry. One block west is El Charro. On State Street there is Mezcal, that many like, and you get to stay away from the Latino neighborhood, if that concerns you; it doesn't bother me in the slightest.
          Do not listen to those that are pushing Aunt Chiladas, unless of course you are looking for the in-authentic, pseudo Mexican food, like you get at Taco Bell. They have cold beer and magaritas.... and a nice patio setting. This is up the road (Whitney), a bit. I've eaten Aunt Chilada's food twice and that was twice too often. I would acquiesce to nachos and beer. See, that wasn't too vociferous, was it?

          Veggo likes to go there and hang with the college kids and feel young again. Can't blame him. ¿Cuándo voy a recibir a comprar la cerveza que usted, mi amigo?

          1. re: Scargod

            Cuando camarones pueden silbar.

      1. An older thread gave good marks to
        Villa del Sol (evidently not as good now as when I visited several years ago.
        El Charra Allegre on Mechanic St.
        Jalepeno Heaven on Rt. 1 in Branford.
        Ixtapa on Whitney Ave in Hamden
        An unnamed taqueria on Rt. 5 in Wallingford (I've been there but can't remember the name either. It may be Mexican 2000 on N. Colony St.)

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          I forgot Guadalupe La Poblanita at 500 Foxon Blvd.
          Not flashy, but more authentic than Su Casa or Cuckoo's Nest.

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            I wasn't impressed with Jalapeno Heaven. I thought it was your typical Mexican fare. But I've been wanting to try Poblanita for a while.

            1. re: Bette

              Gee, I thought Jalapeno Heaven was the most authentic. Love their homemade chips and salsa. And their appetizers and entrees are yummy! Best of all, the servers are friendly and knowledgeable. I have some food sensitivities, and every server, so far, has been able to list the ingredients used in each dish.

            2. re: DonShirer

              I know the Taqueria you're talking about. Tiny place, authentic Mexican. A gringo like me got funny looks going in there.

              I forget the name but "Taqueria" is in the title of the place. Mexican 2000 also on Rt 5 in Wallingford, but avoid that place. Awful food. It's a new place..with a different name now. I tried it again..still awful.

              No, this Taqueria is right on Rt 5 by the North Haven line near the Chef store. Just take Exit 13 off of I-91 and make a right. It's not even a mile away on the right-hand side. Blink and you'll miss it.

              1. re: rmmcgrath

                Taqueria Mexico! It's a fantastic little place that you'd really never look twice at if you didn't know it. Definitely check it out, I generally grab lunch or dinner at least once or twice a week.

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                  Another vote for Taqueria Mexico in North Haven. I was a regular when I worked near there, but hadn't been in awhile. Last week I was coming back from a college tour with my 16 year old who was complaining of hunger pangs and insisting (despite knowing how fruitless her request was bound to be) that we stop at a McburgerDonutSub for some cooked chemicals. Instead, realizing how close I was to exit 13 off I-91 South I swung in to the Tacqueria for a plate of assorted (chicken, lamb, beef and chorizo) tacos. These are simple but delicious bites: 2 small soft tortillas one on top of the other piled with the meat topping of your choice and some minced onions. At only a $1.25 each, order a few. Make sure to ask for limes which they will gladly provide upon request. Squeeze some lime juice, put one of two types of hot sauce on (I prefer the green), fold it up and it's gone in 2 or perhaps 3 bites. My daughter heartily agreed that it was the best "fast food" she'd ever eaten.

                2. re: DonShirer

                  You can see my comments about Ixtapa elsewhere, but it is smallish, noisy, no atmosphere, often full of kids (I think because it's inexpensive) and the food is just OK. Margaritas are usually good. It's pretty much mediocre Am-Mex. I've had decent food and more often it was pretty lame and occasionally, poor. I've eaten there at least eight times and now I avoid it because I don't like not knowing what you will get. The frequent "McDonald's atmosphere" would be tolerable if the food were better and predictable.

                3. Guadalupe La Poblanita is now on Chapel Street near the Ferry St. Bridge in New Haven.
                  It doesn't get any better than this in the N.H. area. Try the Gorditas and the Roast goat,
                  they're my favs.

                  1. Is Guadalupe La Poblanita right on Chapel St? I just looked it up and it said Middletown Ave? Thanks, Richie

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                      Caught me too. They have just moved (again!) to 136 Chapel St. in New Haven.