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Sep 11, 2006 12:03 AM

Is there more than one type of El Torito?

I was driving on some LA freeways, near the intersection of the 101 and the 405, this weekend, and noticed a restaurant sign that I thought said, "El Torito" and below it in smaller letters, "El Autentico"...

but the sign was red and black, a different color scheme than most El Toritos, and I don't remember ever seeing the declaration about others being authentic either...

was this place part of the El Torito chain, or did I mis-read the sign, does anyone know?

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  1. duh...should have checked their website first. Yes, this was an El Torito;

    but wierd. The El Torito I am most familiar with (in Monterey; and no, I don't eat there, but its parking lot is right next to a favorite dive site) has a different logo and color scheme. I think (?).

    1. Don't totally rule out the El Torito in Monterey, btw. Snag a window seat, stick to their guacamole (made tableside), a drink, and the tortilla soup, and watch the otters play in the Bay and you'll have an enjoyable meal......

      1. After living in LA for thirty years, I still don't get this place. It's been way overpriced even before the Mexican influx. There's nothing at ET that can't easily be found elsewhere in any medium sized American city. I guess desparate or clueless affluent people need to eat somewhere...

        1. There is an El Torito and an El Torito Grill. The Grill generally is a step up with a wider variety of rather good fast foods. At one time they even made their own handmade tortillas at the Grill. The Grill first opened in Beverly Hills and they then began building them in various locations. I've actually had some very good food at the Grill; never really go to a plain El Torito any more.

          1. The newest El Torito Grill to open in Socal is the one in Anaheim at the first floor of a condo building called Stadium Lofts on Katella and State College. Very nice ambience, great service (probably because they had more servers than clients). They don't have the El torito happy hour menu of chix wings but they have lobster quesadilla. I agree about the Grill being a step up from ET. Once baseball season starts, this place might be the next best thing in that area stone's throw from Angels stadium.