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best italian sausage (raw)?

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so i like to cook my bolognese with italian sausage all crumbled in there... anyone have advice on the BEST place to get good, fairly spicy italian sausage? by the way, i live in los feliz if there happens to be a good place. but it has to kick ass.

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  1. European Deluxe Sausage Kitchen
    9109 W Olympic Blvd
    Beverly Hills, CA 90212

    1. Try Mario's Italian Deli & Market in Glendale. They make their some of their own sausages. Also some of the best sandwiches in town.

      1. The sausage at Sorrento's kicks A. Culver City. But that is nowhere near you.

        1. is sorrentos' really good? where is it?

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            I like my Italian sausage sweet, not spicy, so I'm talking about their sweet, but they have spicy. My mom's Italian, and Italian sausage was a staple for me from my birth in the Bronx, so I think I can guarantee Sorrento's is good (but taste always differs). They contribued the main ingredient to my New Year's Eve bollito misto (also the mustarda de cremona, which the owner of the store is proud to import and stock, and it is HARD to find this stuff). It's an old store, but I like 'em that way, and everything I've had there (except the cannoli) is good.

            5518 Sepulveda Blvd. Culver City,. 90230. (310) 391-7654

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              Second this. Even someone who claimed not to like sausage gobbled it up!

            2. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Claro's yet. maybe because there's not one really close to Los Feliz?


              1. The sausage at the Italian Deli in Eagle Rock (Colorado & LaRoda) is really good.

                1. Claro's Sausage SUCKS!
                  Sabatino's in NB (Balboa) is the Answer!

                  1. Agree with russkar, Sabatino's sausage is the best I've had and well worth the trip; Shipyard Way in Lido Village behind the Bluewater Grill.

                    1. One of Sabatinos sausages had cheese in it which, while good, was not what I expected from real Italian sausage (having come from Philadelphia, I am a good judge of it); not sure if they have sausage without that in it. Why not try making your own? Paul Bertolli in the Chez Panisse book that bears his name is a good source for a recipe. One trick is not to grind the pork too finely, coarse is better, and using fennel and, if desired, hot pepper flakes, makes for wonderful homemade sausage.

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                        Sabatino's sausages have a blend of goat milk cheese from Italy. They have been making/selling this Sicilian style of sausage for over 100 years. I'm also from Philly and still consider Sabatino's sausages excellent and real Italian; just different from the Italian style you get in the Philly area.

                      2. I'm probably gonna get roasted for this but here in TO the some of the best I can find are at Costco. They actually stuff them on site and come in a styro/clelo pack. Usually about a dozen of them. The hot ones are excellent.


                        1. I've had a lot of good to mediocre sausage from places like Claro's and other Italian markets, but I just had the best I've had from, of all places, a Mexican carneceria...La Pradera in Azusa. Delicious. They sell mild and spicy. The spicy has quite a kick to it. We've been putting it on our home-made pizza lately and just can't get enough. Located just east of Hollenbeck on Arrow highway in Azusa. They also have a location in El Monte, just south of the 10 freeway on Santa Anita Ave.

                          1. I have another vote for Monte Carlo Deli in Burbank on Magnolio. They have sweet & hot and it's excellent...and the price is killer too..I think it's 2.29 a lb...and their mailer circular's always have coupons for 1.89 lb...reminds me of what my grandmother used to pick up in the old neighborhood...at old neighborhood prices!