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Sep 10, 2006 11:54 PM

reasonable priced restaurants area of arrival (union station) and hotel (novotel, esplanade)

Hello, I am new to this and posted in Canada section without seeing Toronto one. My mother is coming with me on a holiday to Toronto next month and because of her mobility limitations we would like suggestions for good food in the vicinity of those two locations, but without a huge expense since we are restaurant spoiled in Montreal. If there is something really special we would consider splurging. All ideas appreciated. We are open to all cuisines and have no food restrictions. Merci mille fois!

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  1. If your mom is able to 'hop into a cab', there is a big city to explore within a $5-6.00 ride either way.

    My advice is to choose places that take and respect reservations. When calling, you should probably let them know that you are not physically comfortable waiting in lines or on stools. Toronto restos have a bad habit of wanting to serve you drinks while you wait for your 7 o clock reservation.

    1. I had a similar question some time ago and one kind person directed me to the NOW mag advanced search page of their Restaurant section. It's the only free and reliable barrier free guide I've found. Narrow it further with your price range and neighbourhood. If you see something interesting, I'm sure many on this site will let you know if it's worth the trip. Perhaps you could tell us what mom likes to eat or if dining with a view is important.

      1. Definitely check out the link that Googs posted above.

        I would also caution you that while most restaurants in Toronto are barrier-free, the washrooms often are not. The NOW guide will have this information.

        1. Novotel is right next to the St. Lawrence Market area. You may want to search on that on this board. Also see this thread

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            I highly recommend against the market when a person's mobility is an issue.

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              Not the "Market" but the restaurents around that area.

          2. I would also be interested to hear recommendations - my inlaws and grandmother are coming to town for our wedding weekend and all staying at the novotel. Mobility is an issue for 4 of them as well, to the point that I doubt they could walk across the street from the novotel to the spagetti factory. For us I wonder if taking a cab somewhere isn't the better idea because I can't ask a cab to drive us 1/2 a block...... Plus there are always little things I don't think of like bathrooms in the basement (which is so so common in Toronto) so suggestions greatly appreciated!